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Gonga Silonir Pakhi (Assamese: গঙা চিলনীৰ পাখি, English: Feathers of the tern) is an Assamese language film by Padum Barua released in 1976. The film is based on the novel of the same title authored by Lakshmi Nandan Bora.

Gonga Silonir Pakhi
(Feathers of the tern)
Gonga silonir pakhi.jpg
A Screenshot of the film
Directed byPadum Baruah
Produced byPadum Baruah
Written byLakshmi Nandan Bora
Music byPadum Baruah
Release date
CountryAssam,  India

Plot summaryEdit

The film depicts the story of Basanti, a young village woman, pitted against two men in a small town environment of the sixties. After the death of her husband Mathura, she starts dreaming of a new life with her former lover Dhananjay. He fails to respond forcing Basanti into the lonely life within a widow’s bondage.


  • Basanti, a young village woman
  • Mathura, Basanti’s husband
  • Dhananjay, Basanti’s former lover
  • Bhogram, Basanti’s elder brother
  • Taru, Basanti’s elder sister-in-law
  • Monbori, the house cleaner

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