Judge of Cagliari

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The kings or judges (iudices or judikes) of Cagliari were the local rulers of the south of Sardinia during the Middle Ages. Theirs was the largest kingdom and for the eleventh through twelfth centuries contested the supremacy on the island with that of Logudoro. It was often an ally of the Republic of Pisa and an early supporter of Western monasticism.

The Judicates of Sardinia.

The first, native dynasty originated from two clans, the Salusio de Lacon (Salusius, rarely Salucio) and the Torchitorio de Ugunale (Torcotorius). In honour of those two names, dynasts — and later their successors, the houses of Torres (1163) and Massa (1188) — traditionally adopted a regnal name, alternating between Salusio and Torchitorio.

Since the 9th century, the capital was Santa Igia.

List of kings edit

Partitioned between Pisa, the Gherardeschi, Arborea, and Gallura.

Notes edit

  1. ^ His brother Torbeno may have laid claim to and temporarily ruled the giudicato following his death.
  2. ^ From Constantine's death to the next year, Barisone II of Arborea (Barisone I) controlled Cagliari in opposition to Torchitorio III.
  3. ^ During the reign of Benedetta, after the death of her first husband, Torchitorio IV, Cagliari fell under the control of Pisa. She was dominated by the two Ubaldos of the House of Visconti though she married three times more.