Gim Heum-sun

Gim Heum-sun (김흠순, born 599), also known as Kim Heum-sun, was a general in 7th-century Silla. He is said to have been the great-grandchild of King Guhae of Geumgwan Gaya, the last ruler of the Geumgwan Gaya state. This would have given him a very high position in the Silla bone rank system, which governed the political and military status that a person could attain. His elder brother, Gim Yu-sin, was known as one of the great general of Korean history, and he led the unification of the Korean peninsula.

Gim Heum-sun
Revised RomanizationGim Heumsun
McCune–ReischauerKim Hŭmsun

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