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The Jeh-Tariang people, also written as Gie Trieng people (Vietnamese: người Giẻ Triêng) are an ethnic group in Vietnam. Most Jeh-Tariang live in the province of Kon Tum, in Vietnam's Central Highlands region, and in 2019 the population was 63,322. They speak Jeh language and Tariang language - a part of Mon–Khmer language.

Jeh-Tariang/Giẻ Triêng
Costume detail, Gie-Trieng, Kon Tum, 1940, handmade cotton, natural dyes - Vietnamese Women's Museum - Hanoi, Vietnam - DSC04090.JPG
Total population
63,322 (2019)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Vietnam : Kon Tum
Jeh and Tariang (native) • Vietnamese
Traditional religion

They practice the custom of interring bodies of the dead by hanging the coffin on a tree.

Notable Jeh-TariangEdit


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