Gettysburg Confederate order of battle

The Confederate order of battle during the Battle of Gettysburg includes the American Civil War officers and men of the Army of Northern Virginia (multiple commander names indicate command succession during the three-day battle (July 1–3, 1863). Order of battle compiled from the army organization during the battle,[1] the casualty returns[2] and the reports.[3]

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Army of Northern VirginiaEdit

General Robert E. Lee, Commanding

General Staff:

  • Chief of Staff and Inspector General: Col Robert H. Chilton
  • Chief of Artillery: BG William N. Pendleton
  • Medical Director: Dr. Lafayette Guild
  • Chief of Ordnance: Ltc Briscoe G. Baldwin
  • Chief of Commissary: Ltc Robert G. Cole
  • Chief Quartermaster: Ltc James L. Corley
  • Judge Advocate General: Maj Henry E. Young
  • Military Secretary and Acting Asst. Chief of Artillery: Col Armistead L. Long
  • Asst. Inspector General: Col Henry L. Peyton
  • Asst. Inspector General and Asst. Adjutant General: Maj Henry E. Young
  • Asst. Inspector General and Asst. Adjutant General: Maj Giles B. Cook
  • Aide de Camp and Asst. Adjutant General: Maj Walter H. Taylor
  • Aide de Camp and Asst. Military Secretary: Maj Charles Marshall
  • Aide de Camp and Asst. Inspector General: Maj Charles S. Venable
  • Aide de Camp: Maj Thomas M. R. Talcott
  • Aide de Camp: Lt George W. Peterkin
  • Engineer: Col William P. Smith
  • Engineer: Cpt Samuel R. Johnson

General Headquarters:

  • Escort: 39th Virginia Cavalry Battalion (companies A & C)

First CorpsEdit

LTG James Longstreet, Commanding

General Staff:

  • Chief of Staff: Ltc Moxley Sorrel (w)
  • Signal Officer: Cpt Jacob H. Manning
  • Quartermaster: Maj Samuel P. Mitchell
  • Commissary and subsistence: Maj Raphael J. Moses
  • Asst. Adjutant General & Asst. Inspector General: Maj Osmun Latrobe
  • Asst. Adjutant General & Assistant Inspector General: Maj John Walter Fairfax
  • Ordnance Officer: Lt. Col. Peyton T. Manning
  • Engineer: Maj John J. Clarke
  • Aide de Camp: Cpt Thomas J. Goree
  • Medical Director: Dr. John S. D. Cullen
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

McLaws' Division
     MG Lafayette McLaws

Kershaw's Brigade:

   BG Joseph B. Kershaw

  • 2nd South Carolina: Col John D. Kennedy (w), Ltc Franklin Gaillard, Maj William Wallace (w)
  • 3rd South Carolina: Ltc David Langston (k), Maj Robert C. Maffett, Col James D. Nance[4]
  • 7th South Carolina: Col David W. Aiken, Ltc Elbert Bland (w)
  • 8th South Carolina: Col John W. Henagan, Maj D. M. McCleod (mw)
  • 15th South Carolina: Col William D. de Saussure (mw), Maj William M. Gist
  • 3rd South Carolina Battalion: Ltc William G. Rice, Maj D. B. Miller (w)
Barksdale's Brigade

   BG William Barksdale (mw)
   Col Benjamin G. Humphreys

  • 13th Mississippi: Col James W. Carter (k), Ltc Kennon McElroy (w), Maj John M. Bradley (mw)
  • 17th Mississippi: Col William D. Holder (w), Ltc John C. Fiser (w), Acting Maj Andrew J. Pulliam (w), Acting Maj Richard E. Jones (k), Cpt Gwen R. Cherry
  • 18th Mississippi: Col Thomas M. Griffin (w), Ltc William H. Luse (c), Maj George B. Gerald
  • 21st Mississippi: Col Benjamin G. Humphreys
Semmes' Brigade

   BG Paul J. Semmes (mw)
   Col Goode Bryan

Wofford's Brigade

   BG William T. Wofford

Cabell's Artillery Battalion

   Col Henry C. Cabell
   Maj Samuel P. Hamilton

  • 1st North Carolina Artillery, Battery A: Cpt Basil C. Manly
  • Pulaski (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt John C. Fraser (mw), Lt William J. Furlong
  • 1st Richmond Howitzers: Cpt Edward S. McCarthy (w), Lt Robert M. Anderson
  • Troup (Georgia) Artillery: Cpt Henry H. Carlton (w), Lt C. W. Motes

Pickett's Division[5]
     MG George E. Pickett

Garnett's Brigade

   BG Richard B. Garnett (k)
   Maj Charles S. Peyton (w)

Kemper's Brigade

   BG James L. Kemper (w&c)
   Col Joseph Mayo, Jr

Armistead's Brigade

   BG Lewis A. Armistead (mw&c)
   Ltc William White (w)
   Maj Joseph R. Cabell
   Col William R. Aylett [6]

  • 9th Virginia: Maj John C. Owens (mw), Cpt James J. Phillips
  • 14th Virginia:Col James G. Hodges (k), Ltc William White (w), Maj Robert H. Poore (mw)
  • 38th Virginia: Col Edward C. Edmonds (k), Ltc Powhatan B. Whittle (mw), Maj Joseph R. Cabell
  • 53rd Virginia: Col William R. Aylett (w), Ltc Rawley W. Martin (w&c), Maj John C. Timberlake (c), Cpt Henry Edmunds
  • 57th Virginia: Col John B. Magruder (mw&c), Ltc Benjamin H. Wade (mw), Maj Clement R. Fontaine
Dearing's Artillery Battalion

   Maj James Dearing
   Maj John P. W. Read (w)

  • Fauquier (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Robert M. Stribling
  • Hampden (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William H. Caskie
  • Richmond Fayette (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Miles C. Macon
  • Blount's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Joseph G. Blount

Hood's Division
     MG John Bell Hood (w)
     BG Evander M. Law

Law's Brigade

   BG Evander M. Law
   Col James L. Sheffield

  • 4th Alabama: Ltc Laurence H. Scruggs
  • 15th Alabama: Col William C. Oates, Ltc Isaac B. Feagin (w&c)
  • 44th Alabama: Col William F. Perry (w), Ltc John H. Jones, Maj George W. Cary
  • 47th Alabama: Ltc Michael J. Bulger (w&c), Maj James M. Campbell
  • 48th Alabama: Col James L. Sheffield, Ltc W. M. Hardwick (w), Maj C. B. St. John (w), Cpt T. J. Eubanks (w)
Robertson's Brigade

   BG Jerome B. Robertson (w)
   Ltc Philip A. Work

  • 3rd Arkansas: Col Van H. Manning (w), Ltc Robert S. Taylor, Maj John W. Reedy
  • 1st Texas: Ltc Philip A. Work, Maj Frederick S. Bass
  • 4th Texas: Col John C. G. Key (w), Ltc Benjamin F. Carter (mw), Maj John P. Bane
  • 5th Texas: Col Robert M. Powell (w&c), Ltc King Bryan (w), Maj Jefferson C. Rogers
Anderson's Brigade

   BG George T. Anderson (w)
   Ltc William Luffman (w)

  • 7th Georgia: Col William W. White
  • 8th Georgia: Col John R. Towers
  • 9th Georgia: Ltc John C. Mounger (k), Maj William M. Jones (w), Cpt George Hillyer
  • 11th Georgia: Col Francis H. Little (w), Ltc William Luffman, Maj Henry D. McDaniel
  • 59th Georgia: Col William A. Jackson Brown (w), Maj Bolivar H. Gee (w), Cpt M. G. Bass
Benning's Brigade

   BG Henry L. Benning

  • 2nd Georgia: Ltc William T. Harris (k), Maj William S. Shepherd
  • 15th Georgia: Col Dudley M. Du Bose, Ltc Stephen Z. Hearnsberger (c)
  • 17th Georgia: Col Wesley C. Hodges
  • 20th Georgia: Col John A. Jones (k), Ltc James D. Waddell
Henry's Artillery Battalion

   Maj Mathias W. Henry
   Maj John C. Haskell

  • Branch (North Carolina) Battery: Cpt Alexander C. Latham
  • Charleston German (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt William K. Bachman
  • Palmetto (South Carolina) Light Artillery: Cpt Hugh R. Garden
  • Rowan North Carolina Artillery: Cpt James Reilly

Artillery Reserve
     Col James B. Walton

Alexander's Artillery Battalion

   Col Edward P. Alexander (w)

  • Ashland (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Pichegru Woolfolk, Jr (w), Lt James Woolfolk
  • Bedford (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Tyler C. Jordan
  • Brooks (South Carolina) Artillery: Cpt William W. Fickling
  • Madison (Louisiana) Light Artillery: Cpt George V. Moody
  • Richmond (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William W. Parker
  • Bath (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Osmond B. Taylor

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery Battalion
   Maj Benjamin F. Eshleman

  • First Company: Cpt Charles W. Squires
  • Second Company: Cpt John B. Richardson
  • Third Company: Cpt Merritt B. Miller
  • Fourth Company: Cpt Joseph Norcom (w), Lt H. A. Battles

Second CorpsEdit

LTG Richard S. Ewell, Commanding

General Staff:

  • Supernumerary: MG Isaac R. Trimble[7]
  • Chief of Staff: Ltc Charles J. Faulkner
  • Asst. Adjutant General: Maj Alexander S. Pendleton
  • Asst. Adjutant General: Maj George C. Brown
  • Aide de Camp: Cpt James P. Smith
  • Aide de Camp: Lt Thomas T. Turner
  • Asst. Adjutant General & Asst. Inspector General: Col Abner Smead
  • Asst. Inspector General: Maj Benjamin H. Green
  • Asst. Quartermaster: Maj John A. Harman
  • Commissaries and subsistence: Maj Wells J. Hawks
  • Engineer: Cpt Henry B. Richardson (w&c)
  • Topographical engineer: Cpt Jedediah Hotchkiss
  • Ordnance: Maj William Allen
  • Signal Officer: Cpt Richard E. Wilbourn
  • Medical Director: Dr. Hunter H. McGuire
  • Escort: Randolph's Company Virginia Cavalry, Cpt William F. Randolph
  • Provost Guard: 1st North Carolina Battalion Sharpshooters
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Early's Division
     MG Jubal A. Early

Hays' Brigade

   BG Harry T. Hays

Smith's Brigade[8]

   BG William Smith

Hoke's Brigade[9]

   Col Isaac E. Avery (mw)
   Col Archibald C. Godwin

Gordon's Brigade

   BG John B. Gordon

  • 13th Georgia: Col James M. Smith
  • 26th Georgia: Col Edmund N. Atkinson
  • 31st Georgia: Col Clement A. Evans (w)
  • 38th Georgia: Ltc William L. McLeod (k), Lt. John Oglesby (k), Lt. W.F. Goodwin (k)
  • 60th Georgia: Cpt Walters B. Jones
  • 61st Georgia: Col John H. Lamar, Maj Peter Brenan (k)
Jones' Artillery Battalion

   Ltc Hilary P. Jones

  • Charlottesville (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt James McD. Carrington
  • Courtney (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William A. Tanner
  • Louisiana Guard Artillery: Cpt Charles A. Green
  • Staunton (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Asher W. Garber

Johnson's Division
     MG Edward Johnson

Steuart's Brigade

   BG George H. Steuart

Stonewall Brigade

   BG James A. Walker

Nicholls' Brigade

   Col Jesse M. Williams

  • 1st Louisiana: Ltc Michael Nolan (k), Cpt Edward D. Willett
  • 2nd Louisiana: Ltc Ross E. Burke (w&c)
  • 10th Louisiana: Maj Thomas N. Powell
  • 14th Louisiana: Ltc David Zable
  • 15th Louisiana: Maj Andrew Brady
Jones' Brigade

   BG John M. Jones (w)
   Ltc Robert H. Dungan

Andrews' Artillery Battalion

   Maj Joseph W. Latimer (mw)
   Cpt Charles I. Raine

  • 1st Maryland Battery: Cpt William F. Dement
  • Alleghany (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt John C. Carpenter
  • Chesapeake (Maryland) Artillery: Cpt William D. Brown (mw)
  • Lee (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Charles I. Raine, Lt William W. Hardwicke

Rodes' Division
     MG Robert E. Rodes

Daniel's Brigade

   BG Junius Daniel

  • 32nd North Carolina: Col Edmund C. Brabble, Ltc David G. Cowand, Maj Henry G. Lewis (w&c)
  • 43rd North Carolina: Col Thomas S. Kenan (w&c), Ltc William G. Lewis
  • 45th North Carolina: Ltc Samuel H. Boyd (w&c), Maj John R. Winston (w&c), Cpt A. H. Gallaway (w), Cpt James A. Hopkins
  • 53rd North Carolina: Col William A. Owens, Ltc James T. Morehead, Jr. (w&c), Maj James J. Iredell
  • 2nd North Carolina Battalion: Ltc Hezekiah L. Andrews (k), Maj John M. Hancock (w&c), Cpt Van Brown
Doles' Brigade

   BG George P. Doles

  • 4th Georgia: Ltc David R. E. Winn (k), Maj William H. Willis
  • 12th Georgia: Col Edward S. Willis, Maj Isaac Hardeman (w)
  • 21st Georgia: Col John T. Mercer, Ltc Thomas W. Hooper, Maj Thomas C. Glover
  • 44th Georgia: Col Samuel P. Lumpkin (w&c), Maj William H. Peebles
Iverson's Brigade

   BG Alfred Iverson, Jr.

  • 5th North Carolina: Cpt Speight B. West (w), Cpt Benjamin Robinson (w)
  • 12th North Carolina: Ltc William Davis, Maj Robert W. Alston
  • 20th North Carolina: Ltc Nelson Slough (w), Maj John S. Brooks (w), Cpt Lewis T. Hicks
  • 23rd North Carolina: Col Daniel H. Christie (mw), Ltc Robert D. Johnston (w), Maj Charles C. Blacknall (w&c), Cpt Abner D. Peace (w), Cpt William H. Johnston (w), Cpt Vines E. Turner
Ramseur's Brigade

   BG Stephen D. Ramseur

  • 2nd North Carolina: Maj Daniel W. Hurtt (w), Cpt James T. Scales
  • 4th North Carolina: Col Bryan Grimes, Ltc James M. Wood, Maj Edwin A. Osborne
  • 14th North Carolina: Col Risden T. Bennett (w), Maj Joseph H. Lambeth
  • 30th North Carolina: Col Francis M. Parker (w), Maj William W. Sellers
Rodes' (old) Brigade

   Col Edward A. O'Neal

  • 3rd Alabama: Col Cullen A. Battle, Ltc Charles M. Forsyth, Maj Robert M. Sands
  • 5th Alabama: Col Josephus M. Hall, Maj Eugene Blackford
  • 6th Alabama: Col James N. Lightfoot (w), Maj Isaac F. Culver (w), Cpt Milledge L. Bowie
  • 12th Alabama: Col Samuel B. Pickens, Maj Adolph Proskauer
  • 26th Alabama: Ltc John C. Goodgame
Carter's Artillery Battalion

   Ltc Thomas H. Carter

  • Jefferson Davis (Alabama) Artillery: Cpt William J. Reese
  • King William (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt William P. P. Carter
  • Morris (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Richard C. M. Page (w), Lt Samuel H. Pendleton
  • Orange (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Charles W. Fry

Artillery Reserve
     Col J. Thompson Brown

First Virginia Artillery Battalion

   Cpt Willis J. Dance

  • 2nd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers: Cpt David Watson
  • 3rd Richmond (Virginia) Howitzers: Cpt Benjamin H. Smith, Jr.
  • Powhatan (Virginia) Artillery: Lt John M. Cunningham
  • Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Archibald Graham
  • Salem (Virginia) Artillery: Lt Charles B. Griffin

Nelson's Artillery Battalion
   Ltc William Nelson

  • Amherst (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas J. Kirkpatrick
  • Fluvanna (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt John L. Massie
  • Milledge's Georgia Battery: Cpt John Milledge, Jr.

Third CorpsEdit

LTG Ambrose P. Hill, Commanding

General Staff:

  • Chief of Staff: Maj William H. Palmer
  • Signal Officer: Cpt Richard H. T. Adams
Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Anderson's Division
     MG Richard H. Anderson

Wilcox's Brigade

   BG Cadmus M. Wilcox

Mahone's Brigade

   BG William Mahone

Wright's Brigade

   BG Ambrose R. Wright
   Col William Gibson
   BG Ambrose R. Wright

  • 3rd Georgia: Col Edward J. Walker
  • 22nd Georgia: Col Joseph Wasden (k), Capt Benjamin C. McCurry
  • 48th Georgia: Col William Gibson (w&c), Capt Matthew R. Hall
  • 2nd Georgia Battalion: Maj George W. Ross (mw&c), Cpt Charles J. Moffett
Perry's Brigade

   Col David Lang

  • 2nd Florida: Maj Walter R. Moore (w&c)
  • 5th Florida: Cpt Richmond N. Gardner (w)
  • 8th Florida: Ltc William Baya
Posey's Brigade

   BG Carnot Posey (w)
   Col Nathaniel H. Harris

  • 12th Mississippi: Col William H. Taylor
  • 16th Mississippi: Col Samuel E. Baker (w)
  • 19th Mississippi: Maj Thomas J. Hardin
  • 48th Mississippi: Col Joseph M. Jayne
Cutts’ Artillery Battalion

   Maj John Lane

  • Company A: Cpt Hugh M. Ross
  • Company B: Cpt George M. Patterson
  • Company C: Cpt John T. Wingfield (w)

Heth's Division
     MG Henry Heth (w)
     BG James J. Pettigrew (w)

Pettigrew's Brigade[11]

   BG James J. Pettigrew
   Col James K. Marshall (k)
   Maj John T. Jones (w)

  • 11th North Carolina: Col Collett Leventhorpe (w&c), Maj Egbert A. Ross (k), Cpt Francis W. Bird
  • 26th North Carolina: Col Henry K. Burgwyn, Jr (k), Ltc John R. Lane (w), Maj John T. Jones, Cpt H. C. Albright
  • 47th North Carolina: Col George H. Faribault (w), Ltc John A. Graves (c), Ltc J. Owens Rogers
  • 52nd North Carolina: Col James K. Marshall, Ltc Marcus A. Parks (w&c), Maj John Q. Richardson (mw&c)
Heth's (old) Brigade

   Col John M. Brockenbrough
   Col Robert M. Mayo [12]

Archer's Brigade

   BG James J. Archer (w&c)
   Col Birkett D. Fry (w&c)
   Ltc Samuel G. Shepard

  • 13th Alabama: Col Birkett D. Fry
  • 5th Alabama Battalion: Maj Albert S. Van de Graaff
  • 1st Tennessee (Provisional Army): Ltc Newton J. George (c), Maj Felix G. Buchanan (w), Cpt J. B. Turney
  • 7th Tennessee: Col John A. Fite (c), Ltc Samuel G. Shepard
  • 14th Tennessee: Cpt Bruce L. Phillips
Davis' Brigade

   BG Joseph R. Davis (w)

  • 2nd Mississippi: Col John M. Stone (w), Maj John A. Blair (c), Ltc David W. Humphries [12] (k)
  • 11th Mississippi: Acting Col Francis M. Green (w), Maj Reuben D. Reynolds (w)
  • 42nd Mississippi: Col Hugh R. Miller (mw&c), Cpt Andrew M. Nelson
  • 55th North Carolina: Col John K. Connally (w), Ltc Maurice T. Smith (mw), Maj Alfred H. Belo (w), Cpt George A. Gilreath (k), Cpt E. Fletcher Satterfield
Garnett's Artillery Battalion

   Ltc John J. Garnett

  • Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery: Cpt Victor Maurin
  • Huger (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Joseph D. Moore
  • Lewis (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt John W. Lewis
  • Norfolk (Virginia) Blues Artillery: Cpt Charles R. Grandy

Pender's Division
     MG William D. Pender (mw)
     BG James H. Lane
     MG Isaac R. Trimble (w&c)
     BG James H. Lane

McGowan's Brigade

   Col Abner M. Perrin

Lane's Brigade

   BG James H. Lane
   Col Clark M. Avery

  • 7th North Carolina: Cpt J. McLeod Turner (w&c), Cpt James G. Harris
  • 18th North Carolina: Col John D. Barry
  • 28th North Carolina: Col Samuel D. Lowe (w), Ltc W. H. A. Speer
  • 33rd North Carolina: Col Clark M. Avery, Maj Joseph H. Saunders (w&c)
  • 37th North Carolina: Col William M. Barbour, Ltc William G. Morris, Maj O. N. Brown
Thomas' Brigade

   BG Edward L. Thomas

  • 14th Georgia: Col Robert W. Fulsom
  • 35th Georgia: Col Bolling H. Holt, Ltc William H. McCulloch
  • 45th Georgia: Col Thomas J. Simmons, Ltc Washington L. Grice
  • 49th Georgia: Col Samuel T. Player
Scales' Brigade

   BG Alfred M. Scales (w)
   Ltc George T. Gordon
   Col William L. J. Lowrance

  • 13th North Carolina: Col Joseph H. Hyman (w), Ltc Henry A. Rogers, Maj Elijah B. Withers
  • 16th North Carolina: Cpt Leroy W. Stowe
  • 22nd North Carolina: Col James Conner
  • 34th North Carolina: Col William Lee J. Lowrance (w), Ltc George T. Gordon (w)
  • 38th North Carolina: Col William J. Hoke (w), Ltc John Ashford (w)
Poague's Artillery Battalion

   Maj William T. Poague

  • Albemarle (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt James W. Wyatt
  • Charlotte (North Carolina) Artillery:Cpt Joseph Graham
  • Madison (Mississippi) Artillery: Cpt George Ward
  • Brooke's Virginia Battery: Cpt James V. Brooke

Artillery Reserve
     Col Reuben L. Walker

McIntosh's Artillery Battalion

   Maj David G. McIntosh

  • Danville (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Robert S. Rice
  • Hardaway (Alabama) Artillery: Cpt William B. Hurt
  • 2nd Rockbridge (Virginia) Artillery: Lt Samuel Wallace
  • Johnson's Virginia Battery: Cpt Marmaduke Johnson
Pegram's Artillery Battalion

   Maj William R. J. Pegram
   Cpt Ervin B. Brunson

  • Crenshaw (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William G. Crenshaw
  • Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Edward A. Marye
  • Letcher (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Thomas A. Brander
  • Pee Dee (South Carolina) Artillery: Lt William E. Zimmerman
  • Purcell (Virginia) Artillery: Cpt Joseph McGraw

Cavalry unitsEdit

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Stuart's Division
     MG J. E. B. Stuart

Hampton's Brigade

   BG Wade Hampton (w)
   Col Laurence S. Baker

Robertson's Brigade[13]

   BG Beverly H. Robertson[14]

  • 4th North Carolina: Col Dennis D. Ferebee
  • 5th North Carolina
Fitzhugh Lee's Brigade

   BG Fitzhugh Lee

Jenkins' Brigade

   BG Albert G. Jenkins (w)
   Ltc Vincent A. Witcher

William H. F. Lee's Brigade

   Col John R. Chambliss, Jr.

Jones' Brigade[13]

   BG William E. Jones

Stuart's Horse Artillery

   Maj Robert F. Beckham

  • Breathed's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt James Breathed
  • Chew's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Roger P. Chew
  • Griffin's (Maryland) Battery: Cpt William H. Griffin
  • Hart's (South Carolina) Battery: Cpt James F. Hart
  • McGregor's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt William M. McGregor
  • Moorman's (Virginia) Battery: Cpt Marcellus N. Moorman [13]
Imboden's Command[13]

   BG John D. Imboden


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