Gert and Daisy

Gert and Daisy were the two characters of a British female comedy act who are particularly remembered for their contribution to film and radio entertainment during World War II. They were stalwarts of the BBC Radio variety programme Workers' Playtime, where they would talk about anything and everything, but especially their fictional husbands: Bert and Wally.[1]

The characters of Gert and Daisy were played by Florence Elsie Waters (1893–1990)[2] and Doris Ethel Waters (1904–1978),[3] who were sisters of Horace John Waters (1895–1981),[4] better known as Jack Warner of Dixon of Dock Green fame. Elsie and Doris were awarded OBEs in the King's Birthday Honours List in 1946.[5]

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They appeared in three films together Gert and Daisy's Weekend (1942), Gert and Daisy Clean Up (1942) and It's in the Bag (1944), which were all made by Butcher's Film Service.[6] In 1959 they appeared in a television series Gert and Daisy which aired on ITV. They performed in radio's Workers' Playtime, and appeared in the radio series called "Floggit's" in 1956 and 1957 (two series, 34 episodes and a Christmas special), about two ladies who own a shop in Russett Green. It was written by Terry Nation, John Junkin and Dave Freeman and the supporting cast included Ronnie Barker, Joan Sims, Ron Moody, Doris Rogers, Iris Vandeleur, Hugh Paddick, Anthony Newley and Peter Hawkins. It was produced by Alastair-Scott Johnson and Bill Gates (the producer of Workers' Playtime).


Elsie and Doris Waters are perhaps the most influential social satirists of the period

— Wheeler Winston Dixon, Chair, Film Studies Program, Professor of Film Studies, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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The Kray twins were nicknamed Gert and Daisy by other East End gangsters in the 1960s.

The radio adaptation of Bristow (1999–2000) featured a comic duo, cleaning ladies named Gert and Daisy.

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