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Geoffrey Haydon Manning (1926–2018) was an Australian author and historian, commonly known as Geoff Manning and cited as an author as Geoffrey H. Manning. He is known particularly for his books on South Australian placenames: the first edition Romance of Place Names of South Australia (1986) was followed by Manning's Place Names of South Australia (1990), and the final illustrated edition of 1,400 pages, The Place Names Of Our Land: A South Australian Anthology (2009). His website offers links to many of his South Australian local histories plus to the entire Place Names research -

Early life and careerEdit

Manning was born in Waikerie, South Australia, a son of carpenter Richard Baker Manning (1896–1936) and his wife Grace Maud Manning, née Hein (1901–).[1]

He was employed by the Savings Bank of South Australia until his retirement in 1982.[citation needed]

Local historyEdit

After retirement from the bank, Manning devoted himself fully to writing on local history.

His works on South Australian placenames contain much information supplemental to, and correcting, the much earlier Nomenclature of South Australia (1908) by Rodney Cockburn (1877–1932) and What's in a Name, a revised edition by his son Stewart Cockburn (1921–2009).[citation needed]

His fully indexed work on South Australian placenames has been digitised by the State Library of South Australia and is, with his collection of significant articles from South Australian newspapers, freely available on-line.[2]


Haydon R. Manning, political scientist of Flinders University, is a son.


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