Gavilán o Paloma

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Gavilán o Paloma (Hawk or Dove) is a 1985 Mexican drama film. The movie is titled after one of Jose Jose's greatest songs. It chronicles the rise of Mexican music icon José José from his humble beginnings in Mexico City to his international superstardom. Gavilán o Paloma is starred by José José, playing himself, co-starred by Christian Bach and the comedian Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo. Fifteen of José José's songs are on the soundtrack.

Gavilán o Paloma
Directed byAlfredo Gurrola
Produced byCarlos Amador
Written byFernando Galiana
José José
StarringJosé José
Christian Bach
Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo
Distributed byTelevisa
Release date
  • 1985 (1985)
Running time
106 minutes


José José was born in a Mexican family of talented musicians. His father was an alcoholic operatic tenor and his mother was a pianist. Growing up in the tough neighborhoods of Mexico City, José began his career as a singer in serenades, and later in a jazz trio. His father died and his career took off due to his enormous talent. José started a relationship with Anel (Bach), a beautiful young actress, but because of his alcoholism and infidelities, she leaves him. José marries Kiki Herrera (Gina Romand), a beautiful socialite twenty years older than he is. After several fights and irreconcilable differences, José leaves her. After suffering a terrible pneumonia that nearly ended his career, Anel returns to be by his side and he recovers. After a couple of years without success, José signed a contract with a major record label and returns to the pinnacle of success to stay there for the rest of his career.

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