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Garage Logic, commonly referred to as simply GL, is the name of a fictional city. It is the creation of Saint Paul Pioneer Press columnist, novelist, and radio talk show host Joe Soucheray, and is the basis for his syndicated broadcast of the same name. Garage Logic is said to be the seat of fictional Gumption County, Minnesota.



Garage Logic is a place where it's understood that any problem worth discussing can be solved in the garage. Garages are revered. Lawyers are reviled. Cigar smoking is encouraged. Residents are big fans of boating, golfing, and the University of Garage Logic Fighting Stogies. Traditional values have currency in Garage Logic, and cultural and religious traditions are preserved. The only elected official in Garage Logic is the mayor, and his only responsibility is the town's Independence Day fireworks display.[1] Some may find the socio-political climate to be generally libertarian but is most decidedly anti-pompous as local, state, national and international matters are reviewed. "News Release" statistics are ridiculed frequently, and G.L. proves over and over that a significant percentage "....were just made up in the last five minutes." In contrast to Lake Wobegon, another fictional Minnesota city, there is no narrative to Garage Logic—it is merely the daily "guy talk" discussion in the garage. Perhaps the main attraction of Garage Logic is the fact that anyone can become a citizen merely by declaring himself so—and that anything that defies logic (or is blindly followed by uncritical and emotional partisans) is open for pointed and unrelenting criticism.

Cylinder IndexEdit

The Cylinder Index (or C.I.) was established on the basis of Soucheray's enthusiastic fascination with internal combustion engines. It is a measurement device in which the total number of internal combustion engine cylinders (working or non-working) owned by an individual (single-cylinder chainsaws, lawnmowers, 2-cycle, 4-cycle, multi-cylinder diesels, trucks and farm tractors) are tallied. The Garage Logician who attains a C.I. in excess of his age is revered.

"Good Luck"Edit

The standard phrase shared by GL'ers indicating good fortune in a world that is far removed from Gumption County.

"Hail the Flashlight King"Edit

A common way GL'ers greet Joe when calling in or meeting in person.[why?]


The community of people, typically modern liberal progressives, who believe in "The Mystery". A counter to the some what traditional GL'er. Modern Social Justice Warriors could be considered a vocal activist branch of Euphorians.


  • Joe Soucheray (the Mayor)
  • Pat Reusse
  • Dave Dahl, the official meteorologist
  • The Covert Meteorologist, identity unknown
  • Stogie, the mascot of the University of Garage Logic
  • Mister Unbelievable, the Mayor's neighbor
  • The Rookie, A.K.A. Moron #1
  • John Heidt, GL's official Newsman/Leader of The John Heidt News Experience
  • Chris Reuvers, Vice-President of Social Media/a.k.a. Larry the Call Screener, A.K.A. Moron #2
  • Kenny Olson, Traffic guru and co-owner of Crabby's Coffee Shop
  • The Lake Detective, who has never been stumped
  • Bruce Vale – Dow Jones Money Reporter/30 second comedian
  • Two Cycle, the town dog
  • The Creature
  • Morghanne Q.E. Wolfe-Slattery – Euphorian
  • Matt Otto, the Poet Laureate
  • Greg Holcomb, the official Garage Logic cartoonist/cartographer
  • Marjorie Johnson, award-winning baker of pastries and everything delicious
  • The Mad Scrambler
  • Kelly Lynn, former producer
  • Angie, former producer
  • Enge, A.K.A. Moron #3, A.K.A. The Dude
  • Big John, GL'er who has never missed a show
  • Anna, Joe's biggest fan

Named Places of Garage LogicEdit

  • Creaturepath (golf course)
  • Moron Chip Bluffs
  • Spoon Lake
  • The Knack Hardware Store and Lounge
  • Lake Looper
  • Hello Hello Lake
  • Frequent Caller Campground
  • Gumption County Fair
  • Mower Museum
  • Two Cycle Creek
  • Right-Wing Rapids
  • Liberal Lakes
  • Diversityville
  • Common Sense Savings and Loan
  • Don Vogel Memorial Parkway
  • Common Sense River and Canyon
  • Norbert Wiener Math Institute


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