Galan I Government

The Galan I Government was the government of Veneto from 26 June 1995 to 6 June 2000.

Galan III Government
Office Name Party
President Giancarlo Galan FI
Vice President Bruno Canella AN
Minister of Economy and Development Floriano Pra FI
Minister of Budget and Finances Fabio Gava FI
Minister of Health Iles Braghetto CDU
Minister of Social Affairs Raffaele Zanon AN
Minister of Agriculture Sergio Berlato (until 19 July 1999)
Luca Bellotti (since 16 September 1999)
Minister of Transports Raffaele Bazzoni FI
Minister of Environment Massimo Giorgetti AN
Minister of Tourism and Productive Activities Pierluigi Bolla (until 14 December 1999) FI
Minister of Labour and Sports Cesare Campa FI
Minister of Local Affairs and Cities Franco Bozzolin CCD
Minister of Territorial Affairs Gaetano Fontana CDU
Minister of the Treasury, Parks and European Affairs Francesco Piccolo (since 23 September 1998) CDU

Source: Veneto Region