Gajak (also gachak) is a well-known dessert or confection originating in north-central India. It is a dry sweet made of sesame seeds (til) or peanuts and jaggery.[1] The til is cooked in the raw sugar syrup and set in thin layers, which can be stored for months.

CourseDessert, confection
Place of originMorena
Main ingredientsSesame seeds, jaggery, peanuts
VariationsGond gajak, chocolate gajak, dry fruit gajak, gajak barfi


Gajak is prepared with sesame seeds and jaggery with a method of preparation which is time consuming. It takes about 10–15 hours to prepare 5–8 kilograms of gajaks. The dough is hammered until all the sesame seeds break down and release their oils into the dough.


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  1. ^ - Once I stole a brass faucet from the tapstand in the garden, exchanging it for a kilo of gajak, a kind of candy made from sesame seeds and raw sugar.