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GOLAZ is a former Russian bus manufacturer belonging to the GAZ Group. Its "Golitsynsky Bus Plant" is located in Moscow's Odintsovsky District.[1] The company specializes in designing and manufacturing of intercity buses and coaches of the large and extra-large class.

JSC "Golitsynsky Bus Plant" (GolAZ)
Native name
ОАО «Голицынский автобусный завод»
Public Company
Founded1990 (1990)
Defunct2014 Edit this on Wikidata
Maliye Vyaziomy near Golitsyno, Moscow Region
ParentGAZ Group

Until 2013 it produced city buses; buses of this brand were booked for the Olympic games 2014 in Sochi. The brand was discontinued in 2014 and the factory now makes agricultural machines.[2]

Reception / AwardsEdit

GOLAZ buses received a number of rewards. GOLAZ-4244 model received the title "Best Domestic Bus 2002 in Russia". In August 2003 GOlAZ received a special prize for the creation of a bus "Cruise". Its flagship model GolAZ AKA-6226.Bus model has received the title of "Russian".



  • GOLAZ-LiAZ-5256 (2003–) - A large class motor coach.
  • GOLAZ-5291 "Cruise" (2003–) - A large class tourist bus.
  • GOLAZ 6228 (2008– ) - Extra large class city bus polunizkopolny triaxial.
  • GOLAZ-6228-10 - Motor coach extra large class.
  • GOLAZ 5251 "Voyage" (2013–) - A large class of long-distance bus. Production began in the first half of 2011.
  • GOLAZ 525110 - Intercity bus class built on Scania K IB chassis. Production began in the first half of 2012.




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