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Gēmusetto Machu Picchu (stylized as ゲ–ムセット Machu Picchu) is an American adult animated series created by Maxime Simonet, that premiered all six episodes on April 1, 2019 on Adult Swim. Shortly after, the series was available to stream for free on both Adult Swim's website and YouTube channel. The program follows the exploits of Makasu, a sportsman and relic thief that constantly challenges the gods of several different religions for their relics, and his companion Back Pocket Dimension Flying Bear on their quest to gain the treasures of the Inca Gods all the while he is chased by Bendy Rivers, a member of Interpol tasked with stopping Makasu. The program parodies anime style shows, intentionally using rather strange and amateurish animation, constantly shifting quality in drawing style, as well as rather off beat and crass humor. The program also features several other segments in between "episodes" and parts such as alternate openings for each part, educational material regarding the different Inca Gods, flashback segments of past challenges Makasu has faced, and fake toy commercials promoting the program.

Gēmusetto Machu Picchu
GenreAdult animation
Created byMaxime Simonet
Based onDave & The Crossword Guys
by Matt Harrigan
Written byMaxime Simonet
Directed byMaxime Simonet
Voices of
  • Maxime Simonet
  • Tynan Humphrey
  • Emily Myers
  • Benjamin Rivera
  • Angela Payne
  • Rebecca Shenfeld
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes6 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Keith Crofford
Mike Lazzo
Ashley Kohler[a]
Producer(s)Melissa Warrenburg
Editor(s)Maxime Simonet
Running time44-46 minutes (episodes 1-5)
33 minutes (episode 6)
Production company(s)Awesome, Inc.
Williams Street
DistributorWarner Bros. Television
Original networkAdult Swim
Picture formatHDTV 1080i
Original releaseApril 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)
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Gemusetto Machu Picchu - Adult Swim



Part 1Edit

The story starts with a flashforward, showing Makasu floating around in space in front of the Sun, heavily wounded, the sun declaring that it is Makasu's serve.

The story then jumps back, showing Makasu traveling up Machu Picchu, using a rod to transform the ruins. This brings forth the God of Tennis, surprising Makasu as he knew he was arriving due to his infamous reputation. However, rather than stop him, God of Tennis states his intents to help Makasu as he must defeat the Inca Gods in Tennis. However, due to an accident involving his grandfather being mentally scarred after a racquetball session, Makasu developed strong negative feelings toward Tennis. However, with his own story of how the French pantheon of Gods fell and the Inca gods took him in, God of Tennis snaps Makasu to his senses. However, after Makasu feels ready to take on the gods after training, Bendy Rivers shows up and arrests Makasu. Bendy Rivers attempts to get a confession out of Makasu since he lacks the evidence to prove his involvement in previous crimes. However, with the help of Back Pocket Dimension Flying Bear and God of Tennis, he escapes captivity, leaving Bendy Rivers to go home to a disappointed wife and family. Makasu, still unsure as to why God of Tennis wishes to have him slay the gods that took him in, is told that the gods are dying, shadows of their former selves. Makasu and God of Tennis finally reach the land of Ekeko, Makasu's first opponent. After meeting with Chair Umpire, the umpire during each of the matches, the match starts. Though Ekeko initially gains the upper hand due to his ability to summon any gift, including tennis rackets and tennis balls, in a pompous act, he hints he will give Makasu a shirt that says "Big Tennis Loser". However, using Reverse Psychology, Makasu creates a Fractal gift of Ekeko wearing the shirt, leading to Ekeko's desires to grant the gift sapping him of his power. Makasu easily defeats Ekeko, who strangely is then absorbed into Makasu following his defeat. Chair Umpire then advices Makasu that this isn't normal and that things will only get harder.

Part 2Edit

Reaching the beach, God of Tennis tells Makasu that their next challenger is in the Sea. However, as they relax on the beach for a moment's respite, Bendy Rivers manages to use a trap laid for Makasu to contain him within a bubble. However, before Bendy Rivers can arrest him once more, Makasu has Back Pocket Dimension Flying Bear use Skíðblaðnir to break them out, crashing Bendy Rivers' flying machine in the process. After being attacked by a strange creature known as "the Tricky Colon", Makasu consumes it, causing the anger of Mama Qucha and bringing him and God of Tennis to a dry bit of sea floor via whirlpool after Makasu is forced to vomit it back up. Chair Umpire then summons a Tennis Court for them to play on before Mama Qucha is summoned. Furious with Makasu's actions, she shows heavy hostility before their game starts, gaining an early lead by using balls of water for her tennis balls rather than normal ones. However, after a small break, he returns and manages to hit her balls back, having frozen vomit fill the holes in his racket, ultimately helping him defeat her and absorb her power. Being lead to the "Under Andes" next by God of Tennis, they soon encounter Urcuchillay, who is furious about the group's treatment of llamas up to this point. Though initially mocked by the group due to his eccentric way of communication, he proves to be a challenging match for Makasu, though he manages to defeat the god.

Part 3Edit

Back at Interpol, they have lost track of Makasu after the tracker they put on him when they had him in custody ceases to function after Makasu's fight with Urcuchillay. However, detecting energy from the "Colored Stones of Nüwa", they plan for Bendy Rivers to intercept him. God of Tennis and Makasu manage to reach Ukhu Pacha. After a delay from Chair Umpire taking a call, Makasu faces off against Supay. Though Makasu manages to get the upper hand early, Supay uses his large eyes to flood Makasu's mind with the knowledge of many people's deaths he unintentionally caused when he was in school, including the father of a girl who had a crush on him, a tennis coach, a janitor capable of bending time to his will, a bully whom he stole the powers of, and the wife of a bocce ball teacher he was having an affair with. With Makasu now flooded with guilt, Supay starts scoring easy points on Makasu, who is too overcome with his guilt to bother even hitting the ball back. However, God of Tennis intervenes and reveals Supay's eyes are actually quite small by breaking his glasses, killing him in the process as his power is absorbed into Makasu.

Part 4Edit

Still quite shaken and upset from his encounter with Supay, Makasu finds it hard to put the knowledge of all the deaths he unintentionally caused behind him. To try and help him forget, God of Tennis brings Makasu to a bar. With the help of alcoholic drinks, he manages to suppress his feelings of guilt as well as defeat a regret demon trying to feed on his regret. During his hangover, Makasu is encountered by Chair Umpire, who informs them their next opponent is Kon. Kon taunts Makasu, causing the two to glare constantly at each other, allowing for Kon to summon Catequil as back up. God of Tennis is angered as he considers this unfair, but Chair Umpire allows it, meaning Makasu has to fight the two gods alone. Makasu however suggests that he and God of Tennis merge to increase their power. With the blessing of Chair Umpire, the two fuse together and become a powerful being. However Kon is unfazed and merges with Catequil to become a super being as well. Makasu and God of Tennis win after a hard-fought battle, but afterwards the two unmerge, battered and bruised from the stress the fusion put on their bodies. It is at this point Bendy Rivers manages to catch up with Makasu, now under orders to shoot Makasu on sight. He demands Makasu give him one reason to spare his life, Makasu begging for forgiveness. This causes Bendy to go through an internal breakdown of his own motives and reflect on his past. This allows Makasu and God of Tennis to escape as Bendy finally remembers Makasu is someone without remorse, at the same time, Bendy's wife divorces him, leaving him emotionally destroyed.

Part 5Edit

After a flashback of Makasu's grandfather as a young man, Makasu discusses recent concerns about how his challenges have been going this time around, specifically how he has been absorbing the power of all the gods they've fought up to this point, which had not happened before. However, these concerns fall on deaf ears as God of Tennis is too busy opening up a gateway to Hanan Pacha and tells him to just repress everything and keep focused. They reach Hanan Pacha, finding a strange hotel there that God of Tennis does not recall. However they put this feeling aside for now as they enjoy the hot springs to relax and revitalize their muscles. Females of many different types (and one disguised Bendy Rivers) alongside a Ventriloquist start trying to woo Makasu and convince him to give up his quest. Makasu is gradually surrounded by attractive ladies, all seeming to want to actively have intercourse with him, causing him to flee and run into the ventriloquist. The ventriloquist reveals he has little to actually do with this as he was hired to sing for him by the ladies and that the hotel seemingly appeared only a day prior. As he continues to flee, Makasu discovers that all the women were artificially made by normal meats. Here, Bendy reveals himself and how he managed to sneak in with the plan of catching him. However, they are interrupted by Mama Killa, the mastermind behind the fake women and the hotel, her plan being to have one seduce Makasu so he wouldn't wish to continue. Mama Killa shows great hostility toward Makasu for the killing of Kon, though Makasu seems to care little. Mama Killa's "star child" within her at first gives Makasu trouble, however, using some quick thinking, he switches the ball with the Sessho-seki, killing the Star Child when it tried to return it. Makasu then uses this opportunity to steal Mama Killa's fertility, transforming Makasu into a woman. He defeats and kills Mama Killa, God of Tennis clearly set aback by his new form. Bendy finally confronts Makasu once more, frustrated that he can never catch Makasu, Makasu dismissing him almost entirely. Bendy finally gives in and admits defeat, asking God of Tennis to be sent back to Earth as he finally reconciles with his wife to prevent the divorce.

Part 6Edit

Reaching "The Place", Makasu and God of Tennis prepare for their fight against Viracocha. When they reach Viracocha, They see he seems to have trouble hearing, seeing, and even moving, seeming quite senile from age. Chair Umpire tells Viracocha about their challenge as the god muses on his son, Inti. Makasu notices that his name has been getting mentioned quite a lot and Chair Umpire confesses that Inti is Makasu's final opponent. Starting with his serve, Viracocha starts the match. However, Viracocha's movements are so slow, Makasu falls asleep, initiating the "Nap Clause". Makasu, now allowed to use weaponry against Viracocha, chooses to use the Mmaagha Kamalu, a weapon that glows red when evil is nearby. Using its power, Makasu manages to kill Viracocha. However, Makasu notices the sword is still glowing red despite Viracocha being dead. This leads him to believe that he himself is the evil it senses due to its power. This combined with the paranoia Makasu has developed from absorbing all the other gods leads to Makasu leaving God of Tennis and Back Pocket Dimension Flying Bear behind. Makasu finally reaches Inti, however finds himself in an empty white room, only accompanied by the Chair Umpire. Chair Umpire explains that while they're at Inti, Inti "is not here", leading to the two talking for a while before Makasu questions Chair Umpire about God of Tennis, only for Chair Umpire to reveal that there is no French Pantheon of gods or a "God of Tennis". God of Tennis appears behind him and finally reveals that he is actually a living puppet controlled by Inti, God of the Sun. Here, Inti finally reveals his motives. Just like the others, Inti was slowly dying, but to prevent that, he injected Makasu with a spell that would have him absorb the other gods as he defeated them so when he eventually reached Inti, he'd have enough power to make excellent fuel to rekindle Inti, ensuring his existence. Makasu finally realizes that God of Tennis was the true evil, Inti retorting he serves a much more important purpose than Makasu. Taking him into space, Inti starts to burn Makasu up, Makasu attempting many tricks to avoid death, but Inti incinerates each one, including Back Pocket Dimension Flying Bear. In a final act of defiance, Makasu challenges Inti to Tennis, diving toward Inti, leading back toward the beginning as Makasu serves toward Inti, only for the tennis ball to burn. Makasu questions Inti before he declares it Makasu's serve, burning him alive.

Broadcast and releaseEdit

All six episodes of the series were aired over the course of six hours on the morning of April 1, 2019 as part of Adult Swim's annual April Fools prank. The series' existence had only been discussed on Adult Swim's live streaming programs and had not received any kind of official announcement prior to the debut. Adult Swim added each episode to their website the following day, and soon after to their YouTube channel in the form of a four-hour-and-fourteen-minute movie.

The series' debut was also simulcast on the Canadian cable network Action,[1] which was already scheduled to become an Adult Swim-branded channel later that morning at 6:00 a.m.[2]


No.TitleOriginal air dateUS viewers
1"Chapter 1: Your Serve"April 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)0.56[3]
2"Chapter 2: Second Set"April 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)0.39[3]
3"Chapter 3: Back Spin"April 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)0.33[3]
4"Chapter 4: Break Point"April 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)N/A
5"Chapter 5: Foot Fault"April 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)N/A
6"Chapter 6: Match Point"April 1, 2019 (2019-04-01)N/A

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