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Fuchū (府中) is the name of several places in Japan.

The name means capital of a province (Kokufu). According to the provisions of the 8th-century Ritsuryō system, there was a fuchū in every administrative province. The placename Fuchū remains in many areas of Japan.

In order to avoid confusion and mistakes, Japan tries to prevent its cities (shi) from sharing names written with the same kanji. The name 府中 (Fuchū), shared by the cities Fuchū, Hiroshima and Fuchū, Tokyo, is one of only two exceptions (the other being Date, Hokkaidō and Date, Fukushima).[n 1]

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  1. ^ Although some other cities, like Kashima, Saga and Kashima, Ibaraki, or Yamagata, Yamagata and Yamagata, Gifu, share common names when romanized, they are written in different kanji.