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Fu or FU may refer to:

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  • Fool Us, Penn & Teller's magic-competition television show
  • Fǔ, a type of ancient Chinese vessel
  • Fu (poetry) (赋), a Chinese genre of rhymed prose
  • FU: Friendship Unlimited, a 2017 Marathi film
  • Fu Manchu, a fictional character first featured in a series of novels by English author Sax Rohmer
  • Shaq Fu, video game
  • Francis Urquhart, the main character in the novel House of Cards by Michael Dobbs, and in the UK television series

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In languageEdit

  • Fu (character) (福), meaning "buddha", "prosperity", "fortune", "good luck", "blessing", or "happiness" in Chinese
  • Fu (kana) (ふ, フ), a symbol in Japanese syllabaries


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