French Constitutional Laws of 1875

The Constitutional Laws of 1875 were the laws passed in France by the National Assembly between February and July 1875 which established the Third French Republic.

French Constitutional Laws of 1875
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French Constitutional Laws of 1875.
Original title(in French) Lois constitutionnelles de 1875

The constitution laws could be roughly divided into three laws:

  • The Act of 24 February 1875 – The organization of the Senate
  • The Act of 25 February 1875 – The organization of government
  • The Act of 16 July 1875 – The relationship between governments

At that time France was not defined or organized by a genuine constitution. The situation continued during the Vichy Period, where the French Constitutional Law of 1940, along with Philippe Pétain's "Act No. 2", heavily circumscribed the 1875 laws. The laws were legally revoked only during the promulgation of the French Constitution of 1946.


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