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F. Kirchbach (egraving after), (1892) - The rape of Ganymede

Frank Kirchbach (June 2, 1859 (London) - March 19 1912 (Schliersee)), was a German historical-, portrait-, genre- and landscape-painter; who also operated as a graphic designer and illustrator.


Frank Kirchbach received his first education at the Dresden Academy (1878) as a student of the Munich Academy, presented for the first time in 1881 in Munich and Berlin, and won in 1882 with his painting "Duke Christopher of the fighters on the corpse of the last Abensbergers"[1] the first Prize for the composition. Between 1882 - 1883, he traveled to Italy, France, and England.

In 1882/83, he took part in the painting of the Schloss Drachenburg[2] near Bonn with a Nibelungenlied, the main picture, "The quarrel of the queens"[3] comes from him. He then studied in Paris, where he was under Mihály Munkácsy and formed the large painting "Ganymede" created. Between 1884/86, he was in Munich and created the colossal painting "Christ distributes the money changers out of the temple."[4] But he was mainly busy with illustrations, such as for the works of Goethe and Paul Heyse, Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift, Edward Bulwer-Lytton's The Last Days of Pompeii and various youth literature. In 1889 he was appointed as Head of department at the Komponierschule Städel'sche (Institute of Frankfurt), where he worked seven years before returning to Munich in 1896 as a teacher of life drawing at the Munich Academy. In his last years, he painted mostly portraits.

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