Formula V Air Racing

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A Formula V Racer, the Monnett Sonerai I.

Formula V Air Racing is an American motorsport that involves small aircraft using engines up to 100 cubic inches in displacement.


The proposal for Formula V has its roots in the 1964 Reno Air Races.[1] In 1969, Air racer, Steve Wittman presented at the Rockford air convention of the Experimental Aircraft Association specifications for a racing event based around aircraft powered with a Volkswagen air-cooled engine.[2]

Racers compete around a 2 mile oval course that subject the racers to up to 2.2g.

Several aircraft were capable of meeting the specifications for Formula V at its creation. Specific designs were introduced shortly after that maximized speed for the configuration.

Aircraft include:


Brian Dempsey's Sonerai I "Miss Annapolis"

Winners of the Formula V National Championship are determined by points from the years events. Since 1995 the winner also holds The Wittman Trophy for a year.[4]

  • Steve Wittman 1977-81
  • Charles Terry 1985
  • Rick Leonard 1987-88
  • Brian Dempsey 1989-95 Sonerai "Miss Annapolis"
  • Dave Patterson 1996-97


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