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Flagship Magazine was an independent magazine for gamers.[1] Published in the UK, it started in 1983 for play-by-mail game (PBM) players.[2] In 2002 it extended its coverage to include boardgames, role-playing games, web games and massively multiplayer online games, along with collectible card games and computer games.[3]

Cover of Flagship Magazine No. 1
Flagship Magazine
EditorCarol Mulholland
Year founded1983
Final issue2010
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inExmouth

An average issue in 1987 was about 56 pages.[4] The magazine came out bimonthly with game reviews, diaries, news columns and an emphasis on reader feedback.

David Webber, the editor in chief of Paper Mayhem, a US-based play-by-mail gaming magazine, stated in 1987 that Flagship was "a highly professional PBM magazine", noting that the published material was "very informative and each issue usually cover[ed] several current PBM games from the UK and the US".[4] Webber asserted that Flagship was "a must for the PBM gamer", observing that the content and reliability of the magazine were very good, and recommending it to his own readers.[4]

Founded in 1983 by Nick Palmer and Chris Harvey,[2] Flagship was edited by Carol Mulholland from issue 70. Shortly after publishing issue 130 in 2010 Carol Mulholland suffered a serious illness and the magazine ceased publication.

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