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Fitzroy Dearborn was an American publisher of academic library reference titles with offices in London and Chicago. It was acquired by Taylor & Francis as an imprint of Routledge Reference in 2002, before Taylor & Francis merged with Informa.

Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers
FounderDaniel Kirkpatrick and George Walsh
Country of originUnited States
Headquarters locationChicago
Publication typesBooks
Nonfiction topicsReference

At the time of its sale, the company had a backlist of 350 titles.

History edit

Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers was founded in 1994 by Daniel Kirkpatrick and George Walsh. The company was a publisher of academic library reference titles with offices in London and Chicago. It was acquired by the UK-based Taylor & Francis Group as an imprint of Routledge Reference in 2002.[1] Taylor & Francis itself subsequently merged with Informa.[2]

At the time of its sale, the company had a backlist of 350 titles, many of them award-winning.

Name edit

The name of the company was derived from the districts of London and Chicago in which its offices were located, Fitzrovia and Dearborn respectively.

Titles edit

Fitzroy Dearborn's titles included:

  • Dictionary of Artists' Models. ISBN 1-57958-233-8
  • Dictionary of Women Artists. ISBN 1-884964-21-4
  • Encyclopedia of African History
  • Encyclopedia of AIDS. ISBN 1-57958-007-6
  • Encyclopedia of Comparative Iconography. ISBN 1-57958-009-2
  • Encyclopedia of the Essay. ISBN 1-884964-30-3
  • Encyclopedia of Greece and the Hellenic Tradition. ISBN 1-57958-141-2
  • Encyclopedia of Historians and Historical Writing. ISBN 1-884964-33-8
  • Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture. ISBN 1-884964-98-2
  • Encyclopedia of Interior Design. ISBN 1-884964-19-2
  • Encyclopedia of Life Writing. ISBN 1-57958-232-X
  • Encyclopedia of Literary Translation into English. ISBN 1-884964-36-2
  • Encyclopedia of Mexico. ISBN 1-884964-31-1
  • Encyclopedia of Monasticism. ISBN 1-57958-090-4
  • Encyclopedia of the Novel. ISBN 1-57958-015-7
  • Encyclopedia of the Palestinians. ISBN 1-57958-208-7
  • Encyclopedia of Sculpture. ISBN 1-57958-248-6
  • Encyclopedia of Television. ISBN 1-884964-26-5
  • International Book Publishing An Encyclopedia. ISBN 1-884964-16-8
  • Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century. ISBN 1-57958-313-X
  • Reader's Guide to American History. ISBN 1-884964-22-2
  • Reader's Guide to the History of Science. ISBN 1-884964-29-X
  • Reader's Guide to Lesbian and Gay Studies ISBN 1-57958-142-0
  • Reader's Guide to Literature in English. ISBN 1-884964-20-6
  • Reader's Guide to Military History. ISBN 1-57958-241-9
  • Reader's Guide to the Social Sciences. ISBN 1-57958-091-2
  • Reference Guide to Russian Literature. ISBN 1-884964-10-9

References edit

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