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This is a list of notable Firefox extensions, or software add-ons designed for Mozilla Firefox-based web browsers. Many Firefox extensions work in the SeaMonkey web browser as well as the Pale Moon web browser and the Thunderbird e-mail client.



Website integrationEdit

  • Forecastfox Weather – displays a summary of weather forecast from AccuWeather.
  • LibX – library catalogues.
  • StumbleUpon – allows users to encounter random sites based upon the rating given by stumblers and their interests.

Google integrationEdit

  • Google Earth – provides full integration of Google Earth into the browser.
  • Google Toolbar – provides features related to Google Search as a toolbar.

Wikipedia integrationEdit

Application integrationEdit

Browser featuresEdit

Browser behavior and navigationEdit



  • Greasemonkey – allows users to install user scripts that modify specific web pages
  • iMacros – a macro recorder for the Firefox web browser.
  • Stylish – allows the user to install custom CSS that can modify specific web pages and XUL application interfaces.

Download managementEdit


Language toolsEdit

Privacy and securityEdit

Some extensions mentioned in other categories at this page (such as AdBlock/AdBlock Plus) will also increase security.[2] Also, Tor, Torbutton, and Torlauncher aren't mentioned as they are not simply extensions for Firefox but instead only work on modified Firefox versions[3] Besides these add-ons, changing settings in Firefox Preferences and in about:config also will help with privacy and security.


  • Showcase – shows tabs as thumbnails, to preview, manage and search across them.
  • Tab Mix Plus – provides tabbed browsing enhancements.

Website development toolsEdit

  • Alexa Toolbar – provides access to SEO data.
  • ColorZilla – adds an eye dropper (color reader), color palettes, page zooming, and displays element information.
  • Firebug – allows the debugging, editing, and modifying of any website's CSS, HTML, DOM, and JavaScript, and provides other web development tools.
  • FireFTP – is a cross-platform FTP client which provides access to FTP servers.
  • Web Developer – adds a menu and a toolbar to the browser with various web developer tools.


  • FireTune – introduced in 2005 which aimed at optimizing the speed of the browser.
  • SurfSafe – detects false or misleadingly used images.


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