Toro de fuego

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The "bull" in Ayerbe (Spain) is a frame carried by a strong man with a series of fireworks.
Close view of the frame, in Haro, La Rioja (Spain).

A toro de fuego ("fire bull"), also known as vaca loca ("crazy cow") in Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, is a festive activity in which a metal frame resembling a bull, with fireworks attached to it, is set alight, and then the person carrying the frame runs around town at night as if chasing people in the streets. Participants dodge the bull when it comes close, especially because the burning fireworks set off sparks that can cause small burns in people's skin or clothes. This activity is held in a number of Spanish towns during their local festivals. It is possible that this custom originated in the Toro embolado, in which a real bull is involved.

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