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Federal Citizen Information Center

The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC), originally the Federal Consumer Information Center, is a department in the United States government's General Services Administration. FCIC, founded in 1970, began as the Federal government's distribution outlet for free and low cost Federal consumer publications sent out from the Government Printing Office (GPO) facility in Pueblo, Colorado. Since 1970, FCIC’s mission has broadened significantly to include helping people interact with the Federal government via toll-free telephone numbers, print publications, and a family of web sites and other electronic resources such as Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The FCIC distribution facility in Pueblo receives so much mail that the United States Postal Service assigned it its own ZIP code, 81009. Because of FCIC public service announcements, it is likely the second-most well-known ZIP code in the country, behind 90210 in Beverly Hills, since a 2006 FCIC audience survey showed that more than 26% of the respondents recognized Pueblo as a source of helpful Federal information.

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