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The Fantastic Adventures scandal is a 2019 scandal in Maricopa, Arizona involving a Youtube channel. The scandal began when Megan, one of Hackey's biological children (who is one of the actresses involved in the Fanstic Adventures videos) had reported to the police after witnessing her adopted siblings being abused by her mother with pepper spray (in one incident, Hackney had pepper-sprayed one of the kids's vagina[2]), bathing them in cold water, pinching one of the kids's genitals, beating them, starving them, and isolating them in a closet[3][4] It gained worldwide media attention because of her motive of abuse towards the adopted children.[5][6][7][8] According to one of the children, she had to wear a Pull-Up.[9] The children are said to age between 6 to 15.[10] Months after her sentencing as a result of her medical problems, she remains in the hospital.[11]

Matriarch Machelle Hackney Hobson
Personal information
BornMachelle Hobson
1970 (age 48–49) or 1971 (age 47–48)
Maricopa, Arizona, United States
OriginMaricopa, Arizona, United States
ResidenceMaricopa, Arizona
OccupationYouTube personality, comedian, director
YouTube information
Years active2012–2019
SubscribersChannel terminated (800,726 at peak)
Total views250,405,180
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg100,000 subscribers 2018
Updated March 20, 2019
Machelle Hackey Hobson
Machelle Hobson

1970 (age 48–49) or 1971 (age 47–48)
ResidenceMaricopa, AZ[1]
Other namesThe Monster
Fantastic Adventures Mother
Victims7 (injured)


The channel was created on June 17, 2012, the channel gained 800,726 subscribers.[12] In 2011, Machelle's former husband had stated that Machelle pulled Megan from school in order to take care of her adopted children. In 2017, a child that was involved in the videos can be seen streaking through the neighborhood raising suspicions by the neighbours.[13] Megan filed the case on March 13 to the police. One of Megan's brothers who has arrested states that he was going to report Machelle to the police.[14] Many of the neighbors had reported suspicious activity regarding the channel and called the DCS more than 5 times to the house.[15]


  • Torrie Taj, CEO of Child Crisis Arizona called the mother behind the scandal a "master manipulator" and stated that Hobson she did not have the qualification to adopt children.[16]
  • Youtube had announced that it will be working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to find any users who are abusing children and anyone who are convicted will had their channel terminated.[17][18]
  • Tariq Nasheed had posted a tweet with the hashtag "#FirstThem" in response to the horrific sexual abuse by Hackney.[19]
  • Linda and Terry Jamison condemned the abuse by retweeting a new story by one of ABC's news stations and made predictions regarding the case.[20]
  • Philip DeFranco had made a video regarding the scandal.[21]
  • An another popular kids channel, ExtremeToys TV had condemned the abuse.[22]


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