GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup

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The GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup, formerly the FIA GT Series it was sponsored by Blancpain from 2014 to 2019 where is was variously branded as the Blancpain Sprint Series in 2014 and 2015, the Blancpain GT Series Sprint Cup in 2016 to 2018, and the Blancpain GT World Challenge Europe in 2019. Is a sports car racing series organized by the Stéphane Ratel Organisation (SRO) with the approval of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The championship now exclusively races in Europe, but had in previous years visited other continents including Asia. The series continues the sprint format for GT-cars carried out by the defunct FIA GT1 World Championship.[1]

GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup
CategoryGrand tourer
Inaugural season2013
Tyre suppliersPirelli
Drivers' championItaly Andrea Caldarelli
Italy Marco Mapelli
Teams' championFrance AKKA ASP Team
Motorsport current event.svg Current season


The GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup is contested with GT3-spec cars. Each event consists of two races over a weekend with two drivers per car and a mandatory pit stop.


The schedule of the GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup consists of races in Europe.


In 2013, the FIA GT Series was created after the demise of the FIA GT1 World Championship and the FIA GT3 European Championship. The series was supposed to form the FIA GT World Series in conjunction with the GT Endurance Series. This plan was abandoned before the start of the 2013 season.

The name of the FIA GT Series resembles the FIA GT Championship (1997-2009) that was known for its endurance races all over the world. Except for the mandatory driver changes, the two championships differ highly in sporting and technical regulations.

In 2014, the competition changed the name to the Sprint Series.[2]

in 2016 the SRO announced both the Sprint and Endurance Series integrated into the GT Series, putting the emphasis on the overall drivers' and manufacturers' titles causing the Sprint Series name to change from Sprint Series to GT Series Sprint Cup.[3]

On 25 May 2018, the SRO acquired promotional rights to the GT World Challenge America, a North American GT series sanctioned by the United States Auto Club. On 29 September 2018, the SRO changed the names of the GT Asia and Sprint Cup, to adopt the World Challenge name used in North America. The three series together will be known as the GT World Challenge, with each series adding their region to the series name (America, Asia, Europe).[4]

In 2019, SRO announced that sponsorship by Blancpain had come to an end. For 2020, the GT World Challenge Europe was renamed the GT World Challenge Europe Sprint Cup, with the GT Series and GT Series Endurance Cup being renamed the GT World Challenge Europe and GT World Challenge Europe Endurance Cup respectively.



Year Pro Cup (2013–2015)
Overall (2016–)
Silver Cup Pro-Am Trophy (2013–2015)
Pro-Am Cup (2016–)
Gentlemen Trophy (2013)
Am Cup (2016–)
2013   Stéphane Ortelli
  Laurens Vanthoor
Not awarded   Sergey Afanasyev
  Andreas Simonsen
  Petr Charouz
  Jan Stoviček
2014   Maximilian Götz   Vincent Abril
  Mateusz Lisowski
  Marc Basseng
  Alessandro Latif
Not awarded
2015   Vincent Abril
  Maximilian Buhk
  Jules Szymkowiak   Aleksey Karachev
2016   Enzo Ide   Michele Beretta
  Luca Stolz
  Michał Broniszewski
  Giacomo Piccini
  Claudio Sdanewitsch
2017   Robin Frijns
  Stuart Leonard
  Fabian Schiller
  Jules Szymkowiak
  Daniel Keilwitz
  Alexander Mattschull
  Stephen Earle
  David Perel
2018   Raffaele Marciello
  Michael Meadows
  Nico Bastian
  Jack Manchester
  Nyls Stievenart
  Markus Winkelhock
  Pierre Feligioni
  Claude-Yves Gosselin
2019   Andrea Caldarelli
  Marco Mapelli
  Nico Bastian
  Thomas Neubauer
  Hiroshi Hamaguchi
  Phil Keen
  Florian Scholze
  Wolfgang Triller


Year Pro Cup (2013–2015)
Overall (2016–)
Silver Cup Pro-Am Trophy (2013–2015)
Pro-Am Cup (2016–)
Gentlemen Trophy (2013)
Am Cup (2016–)
2013   Belgian Audi Club Team WRT Not awarded   HTP Gravity Charouz   HTP Gravity Charouz
2014   Belgian Audi Club Team WRT   Belgian Audi Club Team WRT   Phoenix Racing Not awarded
2015   Belgian Audi Club Team WRT   Bentley Team HTP   GT Russian Team
2016   Team WRT Not awarded   Kessel Racing   AF Corse
2017   Belgian Audi Club Team WRT   HTP Motorsport   Rinaldi Racing   Kessel Racing
2018   Belgian Audi Club Team WRT Not awarded   Saintéloc Racing   Boutsen Ginion Racing
2019   AKKA ASP Team   AKKA ASP Team   Orange1 FFF Racing Team   HB Racing

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