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FC Vorkuta is a Canadian soccer club founded in 2008. The team is currently a member of the Canadian Soccer League, a non-FIFA sanctioned league. Their home venue is located at Esther Shiner Stadium in Toronto, Ontario.

FC Vorkuta logo.png
Full nameFootball Club Vorkuta
StadiumEsther Shiner Stadium
Toronto, Ontario
Owner(s)Igor Demitchev
ChairmanIgor Demitchev
ManagerDenys Yanchuk
CoachSamad Kadirov
LeagueCanadian Soccer League
2018Regular season: 2nd
WebsiteClub website



FC Vorkuta was formed by Russian immigrants Igor Demitchev and Samad Kadirov in Toronto in 2008.[1] The club derived its name from the main financier Demitchev's hometown Vorkuta in Russia.[2][3] Initially the club operated at the amateur level in the Downtown Polson Pier Soccer League. In their debut season Vorkuta achieved instant success after clinching both the regular and postseason titles. Within a year the club transferred to the Thornhill Soccer Club League, and continued its uphill climb to success by winning the playoff title.

In 2010, the team remained in the York Region territory by joining the Richmond Hill Soccer League, and the Downsview Hangar Indoor Soccer League.In 2016, the organization decided to make the transition to the professional ranks by applying for membership in the Canadian Soccer League.[4][5] After presenting a successful strategic business plan the club received the necessary votes in order to be approved by the league ownership.[6][7] In preparation for the 2017 CSL season the team hired the services of Serhiy Zayets as head coach.[8] Zayets assembled a roster with several key CSL veterans acquired primarily from FC Ukraine United. The acquisitions included Sergiy Ivliev, Oleg Shutov, Mykhailo Bulkin, Vitaliy Dnistryan, Danylo Lazar, Vadym Gostiev, and Oleh Kerchu was assigned the team captain.[9][10] In addition to the CSL veterans several imports were brought in from Ukraine and Russia to further strengthen the roster.[11][12]

Vorkuta made their professional debut on May 27, 2017 against Milton SC with a 7–0 victory with goals coming from Kerchu, Lazar, Shutov, Gostiev, and Yaroslav Svorak.[13] In the club's inaugural season at the professional level Vorkuta managed to produce a significant result. By clinching the regular season title, and establishing the best offensive record with the second best defensive record.[14][15] In the preliminary round of the postseason they defeated Royal Toronto FC by a score of 6–3.[16][17] Their 2017 campaign came to a conclusion in the following round after a 1–0 defeat to Scarborough SC.[18]


Current squadEdit

As of August 18, 2018[19]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
1   GK Oleksandr Musiyenko
2   DF Volodymyr Bidlovskyi
3   DF Lyubomyr Halchuk
4   MF Serhiy Ursulenko
7   MF Yaroslav Solonynko
8   MF Valery Haidarzhi
9   MF Oleh Kerchu
10   FW Sergiy Ivliev
11   DF Vadym Gostiev
13   MF Maksym Hramm
18   MF Ihor Melnyk
20   MF Denis Dyachenko
No. Position Player
21   MF Valery Doroshenko
23   DF Oleksandr Volchkov
25   FW Oleksandr Lakusta
27   FW Krisijan Kezic [20]
29   MF Mykhailo Riabyi
33   MF Dmytro Polyuhanych
34   DF Oleksandr Tarasenko
35   DF Oleksandr Yaremchuk
41   DF Bohdan Sluka
42   MF Bohdan Riabets
44   GK Oleksandr Lozinskyy


Year Division League Regular Season Playoffs
2017[21] First Division CSL First Semifinal
2018[22] First Division CSL Second Champions


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