List of extreme points of Australia

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This is a list of the extreme points of Australia (the country, not the continent). The list includes extremes of cardinal direction, elevation, and other points of peculiar geographic interest. The location of some points depend on whether islands and the Australian Antarctic Territory (which is not universally recognised) are included.

Extreme points of mainland Australia

Northernmost pointEdit

Southernmost pointEdit

Easternmost pointEdit

  • Steels Point, Norfolk Island (167°57' E)
  • Excluding external territories: Ball's Pyramid, New South Wales (159°15' E)
  • Continental Australia: Cape Byron, New South Wales (153°38' E)[2]

Westernmost pointEdit

Highest pointEdit

  • Mawson Peak, Heard Island (2,744 metres (9,003 ft))[3]
  • Continental Australia: Mount Kosciuszko, New South Wales (2,228 metres (7,310 ft))[4]
  • Furthest point from the centre of the earth: Thornton Peak, Queensland (6,377.866 kilometres)[5]
  • Tallest Mountain, as measured from ocean floor: Mount Hamilton, Macquarie Island (5,000 + metres)[5]
  • Including Australian Antarctic Territory: Dome A (4,093 metres) [6]
  • Including Australian Antarctic Territory on rocky terrain: Mount McClintock, (3,490 metres (11,450 ft))[7]

Lowest natural pointEdit

Other pointsEdit

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