Evolutionary Biology (book)

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Evolutionary Biology is a college-level evolutionary biology textbook written by Eli C. Minkoff that is 627 pages long. It was published in 1983 by Addison-Wesley. This is Minkoff's first foray into the world of college-level textbook authorship. The book contains an index and various biographical references.

Evolutionary Biology
AuthorEli C. Minkoff
SubjectEvolutionary Biology
Publication date
575 19
LC ClassQH366.2 .M56 1983

About the bookEdit

The textbook Evolutionary Biology was written and published in 1983 during which Minkoff was the head of the Biology department at Bates College. The book is written in a format to which it could be used in an evolutionary biology 101 course.[original research?] The book contains over 25 chapters, for example, "The Origin and Early Evolution of Life".


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