Every Woman's Problem

Every Woman's Problem, also known as Mothers of Men, is a 1917 silent film promoting woman's suffrage. It was re-released in 1921.

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Dorothy Davenport playing Clara Madison.

A 1921 version was released,[1] that also went by the title Mothers of Men, and included actors Dorothy Davenport, Willis L. Robards, Maclyn King, and Wilson Dubois. It was directed by Willis L. Robards and produced by Plymouth Pictures Corporation from a script by John F. Natteford based on the story by Hal Reid.[2] Mrs. Wallace Reid was also featured in the film.[3]

A courtroom drama, the story features Dorothy Davenport as a judge who then runs for Governor of California and wins. A moral issue arises when her husband is sentenced to death.and she must choose whether to pardon him.

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution passed in 1919.[4]

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