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Eszter Dudás

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Eszter Dudás running for silver at the European Championships in Pontevedra, 2011.
Eszter Dudás after the Vienna City Triathlon, 2011.
Eszter Dudás immediately after the European Cup elite triathlon in Antalya, 2011.

Eszter Dudás (born 6 March 1992 in Budapest) is a Hungarian professional triathlete, European Junior Vice Champion of the year 2011, and, like Eszter Pap and Zsófia Tóth, a member of the Heraklesz High Performance Team.[1]

Eszter Dudás is number 6 in the Hungarian elite Ranglista, although she still belongs to the Junior category.[2] Since 2010, Dudás has taken part in elite ITU events as well, e.g. at the African Cup triathlon in Larache she placed 8th, and at the European Cup triathlons in Antalya and Cremona she placed 26th and 19th respectively.

In 2009, Eszter Dudás had her international breakthrough in the Junior category. She won the gold medals at the European Duathlon and the European Triathlon Team Championships, and in 2010 she won the Relay category with the European team at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore. In 2011 Dudás won the silver medal at the European Championships (Junior) and her team with Eszter Pap, David Pap and Gabor Hanko placed fourth.

In Hungary, Dudás represents Uniqa Újbuda Torna Club. Her coach is Csaba Kuttor. Dudás attends the Veres Péter Gimnázium in Budapest.

ITU CompetitionsEdit

In the three years from 2008 to 2010 Eszter Dudás took part in 17 ITU competitions and achieved 10 top ten positions. The following list is based upon the official ITU rankings and the ITU Athletes's Profile Page.[3] Unless indicated otherwise, the following events are triathlons (Olympic Distance) and refer to the Elite category.

Date Competition Place Rank
  2008-05-24   Duathlon European Championships (Junior) Serres 10
  2008-09-06   Junior European Cup Pulpí 13
  2008-09-27   Duathlon World Championships (Junior) Rimini 15
  2009-05-23   Duathlon European Championships (Junior) Budapest 3
  2009-05-24   Duathlon European Championships (Team Relay Junior) Budapest 1
  2009-06-06   Junior European Cup Vienna 3
  2009-06-21   European Championships (Team Relay Youth) Tarzo Revine 1
  2009-07-02   European Championships (Junior) Holten 12
  2009-09-26   European YOG Qualifier Mar Menor 15
  2010-04-30   Duathlon European Championships (Junior) Nancy 4
  2010-05-30   African Cup Larache 8
  2010-06-12   Junior European Cup Vienna 1
  2010-07-03   European Championships (Junior) Athlone 13
  2010-08-07   Junior European Cup Tiszaújváros 3
  2010-08-14   Youth Olympic Games Singapore 5
  2010-08-14   Youth Olympic Games (4x Mixed Relay) Singapore 1
  2010-09-08   Dextro Energy World Championship Series, Grand Final: Junior World Championship Budapest 19
  2011-04-03   European Cup Antalya 26
  2011-06-11   Junior European Cup Vienna 4
  2011-06-12   Sprint European Cup Cremona 19
  2011-06-24   European Championships (Junior) Pontevedra 2
  2011-06-26   European Championships (Junior Mix Relay) Pontevedra 4

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