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Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk, better known as Venetian Snares, has released 30 studio albums, one live album, two compilation albums, 19 extended plays (EPs), eight singles, four promotional singles, one remix, and one music video. Funk began producing music in 1992 and self-released several cassettes during the 90's.[1] His first official release was the 1999 EP, Greg Hates Car Culture, followed by his first full-length solo album, printf("shiver in eternal darkness/n"); in May 2000.

Aaron Funk discography
Venetian Snares - Ilosaarirock 2008.jpg
Funk performing at Ilosaarirock 2008
Studio albums30
Compilation albums2
Music videos1
Promotional singles4

After hearing Greg Hates Car Culture Mike Paradinas signed Funk to his record label Planet Mu,[2] under which he released his second full-length album, Songs About My Cats in April 2001 and several other projects. In the same year, he released the album Doll Doll Doll under Hymen Records. The following year, 2002, Funk released three full-length albums, Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits 1972–2006, 2370894 (Under Vsnares), and Winter in the Belly of a Snake. In February 2003 Funk released the EP Find Candace, a companion piece to Doll Doll Doll. In October he released his twelfth studio album The Chocolate Wheelchair Album. He also released an experimental collaborative album with Hecate, Nymphomatriarch, and other work under the name Beesnares the same year. In June 2004, Funk released Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding which was praised by critics,[3][4] followed by three EPs, Horse And Goat, Infolepsy EP, and Moonglow/This Bitter Earth and a remix of Doormouse's "Skelechairs". In January 2005 he released Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole in tribute to his hometown.

In March 2005 Funk released the full-length album Rossz Csillag Alatt Született to critical acclaim which brought him as an artist and the genre breakcore to greater prominence. In 2007 he released the follow-up album, My Downfall (Original Soundtrack) which focused less on breakcore style drumbeats and more on an atmospheric classical sound.[5] Between 2007 and 2010 Funk released more projects under several aliases including a series of dubstep-styled Black Sabbath covers under Snares, the eponymous album Last Step, Detrimentalist and Filth as Venetian Snares, and Speed Dealer Moms EP with Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante under Speed Dealer Moms. In August 2010, Funk released the first album under his own label Timesig, My So-Called Life. Between 2011 and 2012 he released three EPs and the album Sleep under Last Step. After a year's hiatus in 2013 Funk released his first Venetian Snares album in four years, My Love Is A Bulldozer, in June 2014. In 2014/2015 Funk also released self-titled debut collaborative album with Joanne Pollock, Poemss, the Your Face EP, and Thank You for Your Consideration.

In February 2016 Funk released Traditional Synthesizer Music to relative commercial success peaking at number 6 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart.[6] After a two year hiatus, in January 2018 Funk released his 25th Venetian Snares studio album She Began To Cry Tears Of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit The Ground. In 2018 the collaborative single Mag11 P82 was released by Venetian Snares and Daniel Lanois. The album Venetian Snares x Daniel Lanois was released in May that year.

As Venetian SnaresEdit


12″s, 7″s, EPs, and mini-releasesEdit

Music videoEdit

  • Find Candace (from Find Candace EP)

As Last StepEdit


  • Last Step (2007, Planet Mu)
  • 1961 (2008, Planet Mu)
  • Sleep (2012, Planet Mu)

12″s, 7″s, EPs, and mini-releasesEdit

  • You're A Nice Girl (2005, Planet Mu)
  • Bhavani (2006, Project 168)
  • Lost Sleep (2015, self-release)

Collaborative aliasesEdit

As Speed Dealer MomsEdit

As PoemssEdit

  • Poemss (2014, Planet Mu, collaborative album with Joanne Pollock)

Other aliasesEdit

As Snares Man!Edit

  • Clearance Bin/Breakbeat Malaria (2001, History of the Future)

As VsnaresEdit

As BeeSnaresEdit

  • Leopards Of Mass Destruction (2003, Death$ucker Records, split with Fanny)

As HawerchukEdit

  • Camel Toe (2004, Planet Mu)
  • Four Messengers (2006, Planet Mu)

As SnaresEdit

  • Sabbath Dubs (2007, Kriss Records)


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