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C. Edward McVaney (December 29, 1940-June 4, 2020) was the co-founder and former CEO of the JD Edwards Corporation, a pioneering Enterprise Resource Planning company purchased by PeopleSoft in 2002. PeopleSoft, in turn was purchased by Oracle Corporation in January 2005.

C. Edward McVaney
Born (1940-12-29) December 29, 1940 (age 79)
Occupationphilanthropist, investor and former Chief executive officer
Net worthIncrease $1.25 billion USD Forbes (1998) 13th in Forbes Tech 100 (just after Steve Jobs)

Early lifeEdit

McVaney was born in Omaha, Nebraska, December 29, 1940. As his father was off to war as a World War II dentist, according to a 2002 interview, McVaney had very little memory of him until he came home at the end of the War.[1] His father had graduated from Creighton University and while he served largely behind lines in the Army Air Corps, he came home from Europe with indications of post-traumatic stress syndrome and was haunted by nightmares and terrified by loud noises for many years after his return. McVaney recalls the day his father showed up saying that of him that he appeared to be "the biggest, tallest man in the whole world. I was just a little squirt".[1] McVaney's siblings included four brothers. His mother Mary McVaney, was a housewife and as a child, the family lived, as he describes it, "in a very frugal, frugal way" [1] in their home on 38th Street in Omaha, Nebraska.


McVaney attended a Jesuit elementary prep school, and graduated high school, Creighton Prep School, in 1959. He then went to Iowa State Teacher's College (now the University of Northern Iowa) on a football scholarship. He was on the dean's list and graduated with honors in 1964 with a BS in mechanical engineering. Discovered making "free calls" with little wire device to his girl friend, Carole, in Lincoln, Nebraska, McVaney lost his football scholarship and left Iowa State Teacher's College. He returned to Creighton Prep School for a semester-and-a-half, and then attended the University of Nebraska. McVaney married Carole in 1963

For post-graduate training, McVaney attended Rutgers University. McVaney and his wife lived in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.[2]


Upon his graduation from Rutgers, McVaney was hired by Western Electric as an operations research engineer.

McVaney was transferred by Peat Marwick from New York City to Denver, Colorado in 1968. He continued with Marwick until 1970 when he took a position with Alexander Grant, now Grant Thornton LLP.

JD Edwards foundedEdit

Along with co-workers, Dan Gregory and Jack Thompson, McVaney founded JD Edwards in 1977.

Family lifeEdit

McVaney is married to his wife of over fifty years, Carole McVaney whom he had met in high school and married in 1963. They have three children and nine grandchildren.


In May 1998, McVaney donated more than $32 million to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to establish the JD Edwards Honors Program (now the Jeffrey S. Raikes School[3]). This program is charged with educating the next generation of business professionals by combining computer science education with business management skills.[4]


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