Earthlight (video game)

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Earthlight is a horizontally scrolling shooter published for the ZX Spectrum in 1988 by Firebird Software. It was written by Pete Cooke.[1] Earthlight features parallax scrolling and shadow effects, a novelty for the Spectrum.[3]

Earthlight Game.jpg
Cover art
Publisher(s)Firebird Software
Designer(s)Pete Cooke[1]
Platform(s)ZX Spectrum
Genre(s)Scrolling shooter


The player takes the role of an alien explorer from the star-system of Arcturus, called Slaatn, who has been drawn off-course by a beam of energy from Earth and has had to make a landing on the Moon. Slaatn must neutralise the box-like transmitters and thus eliminate the force field.


CRASH awarded the game 90%, with the reviewers impressed with every aspect of the game, particularly the 3D shaded graphics and the sound effects. The gameplay was compared to that of Uridium.[3] Your Sinclair awarded 8/10, describing it as a polished game but without the depth of Pete Cooke's previous releases.[4]


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