European Association for Research on Plant Breeding

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The European Association for Research on Plant Breeding, Europaeische Gesellschaft fuer Zuechtungsforschung, Association Européenne pour l'Amélioration des Plantes, Asociación Europea para el Mejoramiento de las Plantas, (in short EUCARPIA) is a non-profit organisation which promotes international scientific and technical research in the area of plant breeding in order to encourage its further development.[1][2]

European Association for Research on Plant Breeding
Official language
German / English
President / CEO
Richard Visser


EUCARPIA was founded in 1956 and has its headquarters in Wageningen (the Netherlands).

It was instrumental in the 1960s to build gene banks in Europe.[3]

Mission and aimsEdit

Its aim is exchange of information and maintenance if international contacts in the area of plant breeding. To this end the society organises and supports annual workshops and meetings on current topics from all sectors of plant breeding and genetic research, during which there are discussions about various agricultural crops and topics of general interest. These topics pursue method- or plant- specific questions on topics from biometry to genome analysis and from resistance breeding to the history of plant breeding. A General Congress and General Assembly is held every four years.

Working Groups There are 20 working groups with the GPZ which hold regular meetings and workshops.

  • Potatoes, Dan Milbourne (Ireland)
  • Cereals, Andreas Börner (Germany)
  • Organic and Low-Input Agriculture, Edith Lammerts van Bueren (The Nederlands)
  • Fodder Crops and Amenity Grasses, Dirk Reheul (Belgium)
  • Genetic Resources, Shelagh Kell (United Kingdom)
  • Maize and Sorghum, Alain Charcosset (France)
  • Vegetables Yuling, Bai (The Netherlands)
  • Fruit, Stefano Tartarini (Italy)
  • Ornamentals, Johan Huylenbroeck (Belgium)
  • Oil and Protein Crops, Bülent Uzun (Turkey)
  • Biometrics in Plant Breeding, Hans-Peter Piepho (Germany)

Honorary Members The Society has bestowed honorary membership on the following:

  • Erich von Tschermak-Seysenegg, Austria, 1956
  • Wilhelm Rudorf, Germany, 1965
  • Jean Bustarre, France, 1968
  • Erik Akerberg, Sweden, 1972
  • Jan Stefan Bojanowski, Poland, 1989
  • Hermann Hänsel, Austria, 2004
  • Fernando Nuez-Vinals, Spain, 2004
  • Gerhard Röbbelen, Germany, 2004
  • Peter Ruckenbauer, Austria, 2012
  • Michele Stanca, Italy, 2012
  • John Bradshaw, Scotland, 2012
  • Hans Winzeler, Switzerland, 2016



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