ESP Truckster

ESP James Hetfield "Truckster" is a guitar model distributed by ESP. The "Truckster" is also produced in a 'Ltd' version.

ESP James Hetfield "Truckster"
Body typeSolid
Neck jointSet-Neck
Neck3-piece Mahogany
FretboardRosewood with Flag Inlays
BridgeTonePros Locking Bridge with Stop Tailpiece
Pickup(s)EMG 81 (Bridge)/EMG 60 (Neck)
Colors available
Aged Primer Grey and Black

The ESP James Hetfield Truckster Electric Guitar is the fifth Hetfield Signature Series guitar to carry his name since 1991. This latest model is manufactured to the exact specifications of James' Truckster, a modified ESP Eclipse-style stage guitar used on the St. Anger and Death Magnetic world tour. This signature ESP Truckster features a multilayered finish strategically sanded through and fully distressed to simulate the original guitar.