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The Dynacord ADD-One (Advanced Digital Drums) is a German manufactured, American designed [3] Drum Computer Sampler that was first released in 1986. It uses recorded samples to produce its sounds through analog voltage controlled envelopes and analog filters with resonance, to self-oscillation per voice. It comes with 1Mbyte of memory and can be upgraded up to 8Mbytes.

Add-One with Add-Drive.jpg
Add-One with Add-Drive
ManufacturerDynacord/Fast Forward Designs
Technical specifications
Polyphony8 Voice, 8 Dacs
Timbrality8 Part
Oscillator1 Oscillator/Sample per voice
LFOLFOs triangle saw square sample and hold
Synthesis typeSamples
Filter8x Low pass resonant (self-resonating) Analog CEM 3389 filter per voice
Storage memory1Mbytes[2] upgradable to 8Mbytes
External controlMIDI, CV, Pads

Sample Rate and Bit RateEdit

The unit can sample up to 50 kHz at 12-bits [4] for up to 20 seconds. Actually it is 8 bits with 4 bits of companding according to one of the designers Michael Doidic.[5] The sample rate and therefore the pitch is variable, like the Fairlight and E-mu EII and other earlier samples, via the 8 separate DACs - variable pitch via sample clock rate change. Later digital samplers, including those that operate in software utilise interpolation and other techniques to alter the pitch of a sample - the effect, particularly in the low-end is not the same.


The unit features an 80-character backlit LCD.


Bass drums, congas, snares, Hihats as well as single-cycle waveforms (sine/triangle etc.) contained on EPROMS.[6] With the optional 'Add-One Drive' one can sample any recorded sounds into the sampler via the microphone/line input with on-board compressor.

External ControlEdit

The Chain mode allows these to be called up in any order and stepped through by a footswitch. The unit also features MIDI which allows it to be controlled from an external device such as a synthesizer or electronic drums.

Notable usersEdit


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