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Dykebar is a small residential estate at the southernmost point of Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland. It is situated next to the Hawkhead area approximately one half kilometre from Barrhead, and is home to Paisley's general psychiatric hospital.

Dykebar is a primarily residential area 1.8miles/3 km south east of Paisley off the A726. The area remained rural until after World War II.[1] Map references to Dykebar date back from at least 1596 until after 1640.

Dykebar HillEdit

Dykebar Hill, at 168 feet / 58 metres, is the highest point in the area. Access to the summit is possible opposite a small car park near the end of Glenapp Avenue. By 1800 the hill was Dikebar, and remained such until the start of the 20th century when the old spelling of Dykebar returned. An archaeological evaluation [2] of the hill was undertaken in February and March 2004 on the site of proposed residential development. Evidence of a medieval defensive work, 18th-century circular landscape features and WW2 anti-aircraft defences were discovered including an intact bunker-like structure and the brick walls and concrete floors of other buildings. The battery was armed with four 3.7-inch guns.

Dykebar HospitalEdit

Dykebar Hospital opened in 1909 as the Renfrew District Lunatic Asylum.[3] In 1948 it joined the National Health Service under the Renfrewshire Mental Hospitals Board of Management (renamed the Dykebar and Associated Hospitals Board of Management in 1964). From 1968 to 1974 it was under the Paisley and District Hospitals Board of Management. At the reorganisation of 1974 it passed to the Renfrew District of the new Argyll and Clyde Health Board. With the dissolution of the Argyll and Clyde Health Board in 2005 the hospital was transferred to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde.[4]

Three historic wards at a Paisley Hospital have been placed on an at-risk register. Wards 20, 22, 23, at Dykebar Hospital are cited in the Buildings at Risk Bulletin published by the Scottish Civic Trust on behalf of conservation body Historic Scotland.

Also on the at-risk list is Mid Dykebar, a large red sandstone building within the grounds of the hospital. Ward 22 - formerly known as Villa 2 - is vacant and has been the target of vandals for some time.

The remaining two wards - before the new hospital was built in the mid-Seventies ward 20 was known as Villa 1 and ward 23 Villa 5 - are also vacant and boarded up. All four buildings were built in 1909 by renowned architect TG Abercrombie[5] in the Scottish Baroque style. Mid Dykebar was built to house the superintendent of the hospital, which was then Renfrew District Asylum. A notable feature of the building is that the east entrance is unusual in having large areas of walling without windows.[6] This was due to the fact patients often would try to escape and cause danger to themselves and others. With unofficial evidence ward 22 or Villa 2 has been reported to be haunted and with 3 disappearances in the last 30 years it is classed as a restricted and unsafe area which Kerry duffin is still meant to haunt.


The number 66 McGills service runs from Glasgow Airport to Dykebar Hospital. Paisley and Barrhead District Railway ran through the area. Dykebar station was around 200 yards along Hawkhead Road from its junction with Barrhead Road and there was a branch into Dykebar hospital for coal deliveries. It was known locally as the Dummy Railway.[7] It closed around 1960.


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