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House of Durnovo

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Durnovo (Russian: Дурново) (known variant 'Durnovy' [plural], 'Durnov'[m] ,'Durnova' [f] (Russian: 'Дурновы'; 'Дурнов', 'Дурнова')) is a prominent family of Russian nobility. Durnovo is one of two Russian noble families, of which the most famous is the branch of the Tolstoy (Russian: Толсто́й).

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FoundedMid 15th century
FounderVasily Yuryevich Tolstoy (Durnoy)

In the mid 15th century The Velvet Book lists founder Mikula F. Durnovo (Russian: Микула Фёдорович Дурново) grandson of Vasily Yurevich Tolstoy (Russian: Василий Юрьевич Толстой), nicknamed as Durnoy (Russian: Дурной) [Could be translates as: A Fool, Spoiled, Bad, Joker]) as a founder of the family. His brothers Daniel (Russian: Данила) and Basil (Russian: Василий) founded families of Danilov (Russian: Даниловы) and Vasilchikov (Russian: Васильчиковы). Durnovo listed in the sixth part of the Sovereign's Pedigree Book of Vologda, Kaluga, Kostroma, Moscow, Orёl, and St. Petersburg, Tambov, Tula and Tver provinces.

Coat of armsEdit

Durnovo’s coat of arms is practically identical with the "parent" coat of arms of Tolstoy family

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Known Architectural Legacy and Geographical LocationEdit

Dacha Durnovo (St. Petersburg)

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Notes and referencesEdit

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