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Dolly may refer to:


  • Dolly (tool), a portable anvil
  • A posser, also known as a dolly, used when laundering.
  • A variety of wheeled tools, including:


  • Dolly (name), including a list of people, fictional characters, animals and storms with the name

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  • Dolly (company), a Brazilian company and soft drink brand
  • Doll, in child speech
  • Dolly's Cay, or Dolly's Rock, Bahamas
  • Mephedrone, drug referred to in slang as "dolly" or "dollies"
  • Dolly, fanclub of the Korean musical group F-ve Dolls
  • Dolly bag, round pouchlike bag, usually made of satin, carried by a bride or bridesmaid in place of a posy
  • Any of several storms named Dolly
  • Dolly (sheep), the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell

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