Die Sekte (album)

Die Sekte is the self-titled album by Berlin based rap group Die Sekte.


After the close down of hip hop label Aggro Berlin, Sido got signed to Universal, where he produced and released his fourth album Aggro Berlin. The album contains a song "10 Jahre", which features the members of Die Sekte and soon the recordings and productions for their album began.[1]

Track listEdit

  1. "Hier gehts um Rap" ("That's About Rap") -2:47
  2. "Wer ist da" ("Who's There?") -3:49
  3. "Rockstarz" -3:33
  4. "Kriegstrommel" ("War Drum") -3:36
  5. "Fresse halten" ("Shut The Fuck Up") -4:01
  6. "Ding dong" -5:03
  7. "Friedhof" ("Graveyard") -3:25
  8. "Jetzt is aus" ("Now It's Over") - 4:19
  9. "Echte Männer" ("Real Men") -3:45
  10. "Rums im Gesicht" ("Poww In Ya face")-4:19
  11. "Wir chilln" ("We're Chillin'") -4:43
  12. "Alte Schule" ("Old school") -3:00
  13. "Mittelfinga ab" ("Cutting Off The Middle Finger") -3:27
  14. "Geht in Deckung" ("Go In Coverage") -4:13
  15. "Sekte Gang" ("Sect Gang") -3:33
  16. "Mörderrap 2" ("Murder Rap 2")


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