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Demetrio Franco it is not known of him the date of birth or death. It is a Historical figure and historian. Demetrio Franco, known by the Albanian neologism of Dhimitër Frangu,was born in Drivasto (Drisht) ofa Catholic family. He was a cousin of Paulus Angelus, who was archbishop ofDurrës and a close collaborator of Scanderbeg. Franco it was contemporary and in the service of Scanderbeg, and himself accompanied Scanderbeg to Italy in the winter of 1466–1467. After the death of Scanderbeg on 1468, Franco moved to Tivar and then to Venice, where he wrote in Latin and published the biography of Scanderbe, on 2 April 1480, at the printing house of the German Erhard Ratdolf 12 years after Scanderbeg's death. His foremost work is considerered to be Gli illustri e gloriosi gesti e vittoriose imprese fatte contro i Turchi dal Signor Don Georgio Castriotto detto Scanderbeg, principe d' Epiro, published also with the titleComentario de le cose de' Turchi, et del S. Georgio Scanderbeg, principe d' Epyrro, a biography of the national hero of Albania Skanderbeg.

Demetrio Franco
Born???? date not known
Died???? date not known
Other namesDhimiter Frangu
Occupationscholar, soldier and Catholic priest
Years active1443–1480 - ...?
Known forauthor of the biography of Skanderbeg
Notable work
Gli illustri e glorioisi gesti et vittoriose imprese contra Turchi del S. Don Giorgio Castriotto detto Scanderbeg, principe di Epiro, also with the title : Comentario de le cose de' Turchi, et del S. Georgio Scanderbeg, principe d' Epyro


Franco was born in Drivasto (Drisht), Venetian Empire (modern northern Albania) in 14??. Through his mother he was member of the Angelus noble family and a cousin of Paulus Angelus, the Archbishop of Durrës and a close collaborator of Scanderbeg. Franco was in the service of Scanderbeg, secretary, treasurer, scribe, translator, and even fighter. Franco accompanies Scanderbeg to Rome in 1466–67. So he was the person who knew his life and his military exploits well. Plus he was also his nephew.The Venetian scholar Giovan Maria Bonardo, editor of the book of Franco, writes: "... a Book ... which was already written in Latin, by the reverend Demetrius Franco, who was personally in all those wars and all the valiant gestures of that prince, very well educated and informed


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