Lily Was Here (film)

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Lily Was Here (original title in Dutch: De Kassière, The Cashier) is a 1989 Dutch drama film directed by Ben Verbong. One song from the soundtrack, performed by Candy Dulfer and Dave Stewart, was later released as a single – "Lily Was Here".

Lily Was Here
De Kassière
De Kassière.jpg
Directed byBen Verbong
Written byBen Verbong,
Sytze van der Laan,
Willem Jan Otten
Produced byChris Brouwer,
Haig Balian
Music byDavid A. Stewart
Movies Film Productions
Distributed byMeteor Film
SVS/Triumph (US)
Release date
10 June 1989
Running time
112 minutes


Teenager Lily works as a checkout girl at the local supermarket. She becomes pregnant, but before the child is born, the black father is attacked by a gang of thugs and killed. Following his death, she flees to the city, where she soon finds herself under the wings of a pimp, Ted. Escaping Ted, she commences a one-woman spree of thefts, culminating in running from the police and the press. In the end, Lily is forced to choose between freedom and her baby.



  • The film was largely shot in Rotterdam.
  • Marion van Thijn is the daughter of former mayor Ed van Thijn of Amsterdam.
  • The music for the film was composed by David A. Stewart, former member of the band Eurythmics.
  • The title song, "Lily Was Here," reached first place in the Dutch charts and was a hit internationally. Candy Dulfer played the major saxophone pieces in the song.

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