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Andrey Leonidovich Shirman (Russian: Андрей Леонидович Ширман; born 23 May 1982), better known by his stage name DJ Smash, is a Russian DJ in house music and electronic music,[1] and also a music producer.

DJ Smash
Birth nameAndrey Leonidovich Shirman
Born (1982-05-23) May 23, 1982 (age 39)
Perm, Russia
GenresElectronic music, house
Occupation(s)DJ, music producer
Years active1996–present
LabelsSowa Music, Velvet Music


He was born in 1982 in Perm, Russia. The love for high-quality music was instilled to the future star by his parents. Andrey's father is a jazz musician. His mother is a music professor, honored cultural worker, AN member. When he was 6 years old, Andrey already began taking piano classes at a music school.

Shirman's success in the music field was obvious almost straight away. He began composing music when he was 8 years old and when he was 14 years old, he had released his first album Get Funky, which sold over 500 copies. The tape somehow appeared at the "Apocalypsis" night club and since then Andrey became a permanent DJ-performer of the night club and became known as Smash. The artist states that the very scenic nickname was chosen for a certain reason: “smash” is his favorite type of shot in tennis.

Aged 16, Shirman composed his first track to be broadcast on the radio "Between the Earth and the Sky", which made him realize his life would be based around dance music.

In 2000, Shirman started working at the Depo studio as a sound arranger and music show producer. He spent 4 years there acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience in sound engineering.

In 2003, DJ Smash began to play at club “Shambala”, where his talent was noticed by one of Moscow's nightclub life founders, Alexey Gorobiy. In 2004, Andrey became a resident of trendy “Zima Project”.

The years of 2004–2005 become legendary in Moscow club culture, because at that time DJ Smash creates principally new nightclub format, introducing a new trend – “retro house”. Yuri Antonov's “I Remember” remix became the culmination point. SMASH managed to transform and change an existing format of the club music. Before his appearances in contemporary night clubs, Russian tracks of musicians and DJs had not had that sound.

In 2006 at the age of 23, Smash enjoyed the musical award Russia Night Life Award, having become its youngest holder in its history. The same year Smash released his first hit to reach number 1 - "Moscow Never Sleeps", which gives him a boost into a popular artist.

In 2008, DJ Smash released his first full-grown album IDDQD, which gains platinum status. It included the already played all over the country tracks “The Best Songs”, Волна (Wave)(vocals: Lyudmila Sokolova), “Airplane”.

In 2008 at MTV Russian Music Awards, DJ Smash received two awards, winning in prestigious nominations “Debut of the Year” and “Best Dance Album”.

In 2009 DJ Smash received the Russian – the Golden Gramophone Award, and becomes the official participant and nominee at the “Song of the Year” festival in December 2009 where he was presented by Alla Pugacheva.

From 2010, DJ Smash began to conquer European music field: he becomes the resident of such clubs, as "Movida" (London) and "Vip Room" (St. Tropez). Apart from that, a release of English version of “Moscow Never Sleeps” is made, which was recorded in cooperation with the Italian DJ - Alex Gaudino.

In 2011 a new album “23” is released, which included the tracks: Птица (Bird), “Without Words”, “From Russia With Love”.

Year 2012: he opens a restaurant in the heart of Moscow, under the name of Boom Boom Room, forms his own music band "Smash Live", releases a number of singles: “Rendez-Vous”, “Moscow” (featuring “Vintage” band), and also “Long Distance Love” – a duo with Vera Brezhneva, a sex-symbol of Russian show business. Moreover, Andrey signs a contract with Velvet Music, and the first joint creation is an album, about to be released under the name of New World. Andrey participated in the filming of New Year's fairytale 12 months and wrote the title song for it.

In 2013, Smash released his new album The New World featuring top Russian artists. The album got platinum status sales in Russia on CDs and in the iTunes. In July 2013, Smash played as a headliner in the biggest electro music festival in France - Electro Beach Festival. In the same time he publish his single "Stop The Time" that quickly got around 10 million Internet views and got in the top of many Russian radio stations. In June 2013, Andrey got MUZ TV award and this turned to become the owner of all awards of the Russian Federation's music and show business.

Shirman started 2014 with the powerful shows in Paris (Club 79) and New York (Provocateur) and worked on the release of the new album that came out in April 2014. In 2014 he released his latest album called Star Tracks reaching no 9 on the Russian iTunes album charts including single "The Renegades" featuring UK singer/songwriter Tara McDonald.

During the 2018 presidential elections, he became a member of the Putin Team movement, which supported Vladimir Putin, and became the author of the "Guiding Star" anthem.

Nowadays Smash is the most successful and highest-paid Russian DJ. Parallel with the musical career, Andrey Shirman is the co-owner of the club and restaurant network, which comprises 12 objects in Moscow and Sochi.


Studio albumsEdit

  • 2008 — «IDDQD»
  • 2011 — «Twenty Three»
  • 2012 — «Новый мир» (New world)
  • 2014 — «Star Tracks»
  • 2017 — «SmashWorld»


  • 2007 — Moscow Never Sleeps (feat. Fast Food)
  • 2008 — Moscow Never Sleeps (feat. Timati & Fast Food)
  • 2008 — Волна (Wave) (vocals: Lyudmila Sokolova)
  • 2009 — Moscow Wait For February
  • 2009 — The Best Song
  • 2009 — Between The Earth And The Sky (feat. Shahzoda)
  • 2010 — Airplane (feat. Fast Food)
  • 2010 — Птица (Bird)
  • 2010 — From Russia With Love
  • 2011 — Without Words
  • 2011 — Tricks (feat. Timati)
  • 2011 — Rendez-vous (feat. Mauri)
  • 2011 — Lifemission (feat. ChinKong)
  • 2012 — Moscow (feat. Vintage)
  • 2012 — Young Hearts
  • 2012 — Jump (feat. T-Moor Rodriguez)
  • 2012 — Long Distance Love (feat. Vera Brezhneva)
  • 2012 — Only Forward (feat. DJ Vengerov)
  • 2013 — New World (feat. Natalia Podolskaya)
  • 2013 — Good Time (feat. Craig David)
  • 2013 — Stop the Time
  • 2013 — 3 Wishes (feat. Vintage)
  • 2014 — BREAK IT (feat. Ch.Armstrong)
  • 2014 — Rapture
  • 2014 — The Edge (feat. Levingstone)
  • 2014 — The Renegades (feat. Tara McDonald)
  • 2015 — The Night Is Young (feat. Ridley)
  • 2015 — Lovers 2 Lovers (feat. Ridley)
  • 2016 — Dark Alleys (feat. Moya Michelle)
  • 2021 — New Wave (with Morgenshtern)

Video clipsEdit

  • 2007 — Moscow Never Sleeps (feat. Fast Food)
  • 2008 — Moscow Never Sleeps (feat. Timati & Fast Food)
  • 2008 — Pasha — Face Control (feat. Diskoteka Avariya)
  • 2008 — Волна (Wave) (vocals: Lyudmila Sokolova)
  • 2010 — The Best Song
  • 2010 — Between The Earth And The Sky (feat. Shahzoda)
  • 2011 — Airplane
  • 2011 — Tricks (feat. Timati & Fast Food)
  • 2012 — From Russia With Love
  • 2012 — Птица (Bird)
  • 2012 — Rendez-Vous (feat. Mauri)
  • 2012 — Without Words
  • 2012 — Na Zare (feat. Aleksey Rizhov & ChinKong & DJ Abssent)
  • 2012 — Moscow (feat. Vintage)
  • 2012 — Young Hearts
  • 2012 — Saturday (feat. MMDANCE)
  • 2012 — Jump (feat. T-Moor Rodriguez)
  • 2012 — Long Distance Love (feat. Vera Brezhneva)
  • 2012 — Only Forward (feat. DJ Vengerov)
  • 2013 — Откат (feat. Семён Слепаков)
  • 2013 — Angels (feat. DJ Miller & Anya)
  • 2013 — New World (feat. Natalia Podolskaya)
  • 2013 — Oil (feat. Vengerov & Bobina feat. Matuya & Averin & Kravets
  • 2013 — Stop The Time
  • 2013 — 3 Wishes (feat. Vintage)
  • 2014 — Break It (feat. Charlie Armstrong)
  • 2014 — Rapture
  • 2014 — The Edge
  • 2015 — The Night Is Young (feat. Ridley)
  • 2015 — Lovers 2 Lovers (feat. Ridley)
  • 2016 — Dark Alleys (feat. Moya Michelle)
  • 2017 — Команда 2018 (feat. Polina Gagarina & Egor Kreed)


  • 2006 — Night Life Awards 2006 best DJ
  • 2008 — MTV Russia Music Awards «Debut of the year» and «Best dance album».
  • 2008 — Golden Gramophone Award
  • 2012 — 20 Best Songs, Red Star Music
  • 2012 — VKLYBE.TV Industry Awards, «Best DJ»
  • 2013 — Top Hit Music Awards
  • 2013 — Muz TV Awards 2013, Best Video «Moscow» (feat Vintage)
  • 2013 — Fashion People Awards 2013
  • 2013 — VKLYBE.TV Awards 2013. Best Celebrity Project Boom Boom Room by DJ Smash


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