Czechoslovak First Ice Hockey League

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The Czechoslovak First Ice Hockey League was the elite ice hockey league in Czechoslovakia from 1936 until 1993, when the country split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.[1] The Slovak Extraliga and Czech Extraliga formed from the split.

Czechoslovak First Ice Hockey League
SportIce hockey
Ceased1993 (reorganized as
Czech Extraliga and
Slovak Extraliga)
No. of teams8–24
Country Czechoslovakia
HC Sparta Praha
Most titlesHC Dukla Jihlava (12 titles)

History edit

The most successful team in the number of titles was HC Dukla Jihlava with 12 titles. HC Sparta Praha won the last season 1992–93, when they defeated HC Vítkovice 4–0 in the final for matches.[2]

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Notable officials edit

Paul Loicq Award recipient Juraj Okoličány worked 15 seasons in the league, and made his officiating debut at age 19.[3]

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