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Crunchbase is a platform for finding business information about private and public companies.

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Type of site
Data as a service
Available inEnglish
  • TechCrunch (2007–2015)
  • Crunchbase, Inc. (2015–present)
Created byMichael Arrington
Alexa rank2,034 (September 2018)[1]
LaunchedJuly 2007; 12 years ago (2007-07)
Current statusOnline

Crunchbase information includes investments and funding information, founding members and individuals in leadership positions, mergers and acquisitions, news, and industry trends. Originally built to track startups, the Crunchbase website contains information on public and private companies on a global scale.

Some of the noteworthy competitors of Crunchbase include Tracxn, CB Insights, Mattermark, and Datafox.[2]

Crunchbase sources its data in four ways: the venture program,[3] machine learning, an in-house data team, and the Crunchbase community. Members of the public can submit information to the Crunchbase database. These submissions are subject to registration, social validation, and are often reviewed by a moderator before being accepted for publication.



Crunchbase's former logo, used before the name was changed from CrunchBase to Crunchbase

Crunchbase was originally founded in 2007 by Michael Arrington, as a place to track the startups that parent company TechCrunch featured in articles. From 2007 to September 2015, TechCrunch maintained control of the Crunchbase database.

In September 2010, AOL acquired TechCrunch and subsequently Crunchbase as one of TechCrunch's portfolio companies. In November 2013, AOL was in dispute with start-up Pro Populi over the company's use of the entire Crunchbase dataset in apps that Pro Populi developed. One of these apps, known as People+ Pro Populi, was represented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.[4]

In 2014, Crunchbase added incubators, venture capital partners, and a new leaderboard feature to the startup database.[5]

In 2015, Crunchbase separated from AOL/Verizon/TechCrunch to become a private entity.[6] In September 2015, in conjunction with the spin out, Crunchbase announced $6.5 million in funding raised from Emergence Capital.[7] This was shortly followed with a follow-up round of $2 million in November 2015.

In 2016, the company rebranded from CrunchBase to Crunchbase and launched its first product: Crunchbase Pro.[8]

In April 2017, Crunchbase announced an $18 million Series B from Mayfield Fund.[9] At the same time, Crunchbase launched two new products – Crunchbase Enterprise and Crunchbase for Applications.[10]

In 2018, Crunchbase launched "Crunchbase Marketplace".[11]


Crunchbase Pro
Designed for advanced users, this tool offers more in-depth search capabilities, market trend analytics, and alerts to track industries, people, companies, and investors.
Crunchbase Marketplace
Marketplace allows users to search and analyze companies with integrated third-party data sources. Users can also access additional data like web traffic, tech stack, and IT budgets.
Crunchbase Enterprise
Enterprise lets users perform typical business intelligence and analytics queries, such as setting up and following investment trends, identifying and tracking growth industries, and identifying companies that are close to their own.[12]
Crunchbase for Applications
This tool allows users to integrate Crunchbase data into their product, providing their customers the ability to automatically contextualize prospects to prioritize their sales pipeline and identify key buy signals.

User baseEdit

Crunchbase has more than 560,000 active community contributors on the platform. Over five million users access the Crunchbase website each month.[13]


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