Peninsula Boulevard is a 9.1-mile-long (14.6 km) arterial road through southwestern Nassau County, New York. It runs southwest-to-northeast between Cedarhurst connecting the Five Towns area to the Village of Hempstead, and indirectly serves The Rockaways as well. Throughout the county, Peninsula Boulevard is county-maintained as the unsigned County Route 2 (CR 2).[2]

Peninsula Boulevard
Route information
Length9.1 mi (14.6 km)
Major junctions
West endCR 2A / CR 257 in Cedarhurst
  NY 27 in Lynbrook
East end NY 24 in Hempstead
Highway system
Peninsula Boulevard was once signed as Nassau County Route 2 until all county route numbers were removed in the 1970s.[1]

Route descriptionEdit

Peninsula Boulevard begins in Cedarhurst at Rockaway Turnpike (CR 257), near a connecting road to New York Route 878 (Nassau Expressway), and runs through the Five Towns area, where it spends much of its journey running northeast and southwest as a four-lane undivided thoroughfare. In Hewlett, it becomes a divided highway at Franklin Street and then runs beneath a bridge for the Far Rockaway Branch of the Long Island Rail Road between Mill Road and Gibson Boulevard. After Gibson Boulevard, the divider becomes wider as it winds towards Rockaway Avenue, only to return to its former stature. Within Lynbrook, New York, the road takes a sharp northern trajectory after the intersection with New York State Route 27 (Sunrise Highway) and almost immediately runs beneath Lynbrook (LIRR station). The road returns to the northeast at South Niemann Avenue and then intersects Merrick Road.

After Ocean Avenue, it runs as a divided roadway along the southeastern edge of Hempstead Lake State Park. This divided portion was the original route of the Southern State Parkway before the parkway's current route across Hempstead Lake. Between Lakeview Avenue and the Southern State Parkway, it contains residential frontage roads on the east side, and pedestrian bridges over the road, the first being Lakeside Drive, and the second being North Village Avenue. The segment along North Village Avenue was a former segment of the Southern State Parkway.[3] The second of these frontage roads ends at Mercy Hospital on the southeast corner of the interchange with the current Southern State Parkway at Exit 19 in South Hempstead. Beyond the Southern State, the road maintains its status as a divided highway even as it enters Downtown Hempstead, where it briefly turns east as it intersects Franklin, Greenwich, and Henry Streets. It is at the latter where the road turns back to the northeast to serve as the southern terminus of Clinton Street, which leads to Glen Cove Road, then intersects New York State Route 102 (Front Street), and finally terminates at New York State Route 24 (Fulton Street).

Bay Boulevard (CR 2A)Edit

Bay Boulevard is a short extension of Peninsula Boulevard in Cedarhurst. It runs from an intersection at Rockaway Turnpike (CR 257) to an industrial area just west of Nassau Expressway (NY 878).

Peninsula Blvd in Hempstead Lake State Park

Major intersectionsEdit

The entire route is in Nassau County.

Cedarhurst0.000.00  Rockaway Turnpike (CR 257) / Bay Boulevard west (CR 2A) to NY 878
Lynbrook3.816.13  NY 27 (Sunrise Highway)No left turns
3.886.24Merrick Road (CR 27)
Lakeview5.799.32Lakeside Drive – Hempstead Lake State Park
South Hempstead7.3211.78  Southern State Parkway – New York, East IslipExits 19S-N on Southern Parkway
Village of Hempstead8.5813.81Greenwich Street (CR 7B)
Washington Street (CR 7A north)Southern terminus of CR 7A
Clinton Street (CR 1)
8.8614.26  NY 102 (Front Street)
9.1114.66  NY 24 (Fulton Avenue) / Bennett Avenue north
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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