Coppename Bridge

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The Coppename Bridge (Dutch: Coppenamebrug) is a bridge over the Coppename River in Suriname, part of the East-West Link.

Coppename Bridge
Coppename River.jpg
The Coppename Bridge on the mouth of the Coppename River
Coordinates5°46′19″N 55°53′45″W / 5.7719°N 55.8958°W / 5.7719; -55.8958
Carries2-lane wide highway (East-West Link)
CrossesCoppename River
LocaleNorth-west Suriname
Total length1,570 m

The bridge links Jenny in the Coronie District with Boskamp in the Saramacca District. It was opened in 1999, a year before the Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge opened in Paramaribo.[1]

Further upstream there is a second (Bailey) bridge over the Coppename River, near Bitagron, built in the 1970s.[2]


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Coordinates: 5°46′19″N 55°53′45″W / 5.77194°N 55.89583°W / 5.77194; -55.89583