Standards and Privileges Committee

The Standards and Privileges Committee of the United Kingdom House of Commons was established in 1995 to replace the earlier Committee of Privileges. Ten Members of Parliament sit to make recommendations to the House on complaints of breach of Parliamentary privilege. It was itself replaced on 7 January 2013, when it was split into the Committee on Standards and the Committee of Privileges.[1]

The Committee was appointed by the House of Commons to oversee the work of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. It examined the arrangements for the compilation, maintenance and accessibility of the Register of Members' Interests and considered specific complaints made in relation to the registering or declaring of interests and any matter relating to the conduct of Members, including specific complaints in relation to alleged breaches in the Code of Conduct which were drawn to the Committee's attention by the Commissioner.


As of 12 December 2012, the members of the committee were as follows:

Member Party Constituency
Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP (Chair) Labour Rother Valley
Sir Paul Beresford MP Conservative Mole Valley
Annette Brooke MP Liberal Democrat Mid Dorset and North Poole
Tom Clarke MP Labour Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill
Geoffrey Cox MP Conservative Torridge and West Devon
Robert Buckland MP Conservative South Swindon
Christopher Chope MP Conservative Christchurch
Fiona O'Donnell MP Labour East Lothian
Heather Wheeler MP Conservative South Derbyshire
Alan Whitehead MP Labour Southampton Test

Source: Standards and Privileges Committee


Occasionally, the House of Commons ordered changes to be made in terms of membership of select committees, as proposed by the Committee of Selection. Such changes are shown below.

Date Outgoing Member
& Party
Constituency New Member
& Party
Constituency Source
19 October 2010 Eric Ollerenshaw (Conservative) Lancaster and Fleetwood Matthew Hancock (Conservative) West Suffolk Hansard
22 November 2010 Jim Cunningham MP (Labour) Coventry South Tom Blenkinsop MP (Labour) Middlesbrough South and
East Cleveland
7 November 2011 Tom Blenkinsop MP (Labour) Middlesbrough South and
East Cleveland
Julie Hilling MP (Labour) Bolton West Hansard
12 December 2012 Matthew Hancock MP (Conservative) West Suffolk Robert Buckland MP (Conservative) South Swindon Hansard
Oliver Heald MP (Conservative) North East Hertfordshire Christopher Chope MP (Conservative) Christchurch
Julie Hilling MP (Labour) Bolton West Fiona O'Donnell MP (Labour) East Lothian

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