Coat of arms of Netherlands New Guinea

The coat of arms of Netherlands New Guinea was one of a number of national symbols chosen by the Papuan representative body the New Guinea Council in 1961.[1] The coat of arms was not however recorded in the National Committee October 1961 manifesto unlike the flag and anthem.[1][2] The design on the shield incorporated the new flag the Morning Star flag. The shield was supported by two lesser birds-of-paradise (Paradisaea minor) and surrounded by a garland of local flowers and a scroll bearing the motto "Setia, djudjur, Mesra" (Loyal, Honest, Affectionate).[2]

Coat of arms of Netherlands New Guinea
Netherlands New Guinea coa 1961.svg
BlazonAzure, six pallets Argent, on a chief Gules a Mullet of five points Argent
SupportersTwo Birds of Paradise
Motto"Setia, Djudjur, Mesra" (Indonesian)
"Loyal, Honest, Affectionate"


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