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Circus is a 1989 Indian television series directed by Aziz Mirza & Kundan Shah, set in a circus troupe,[1] and starring popular Hindi film actor of today, Shahrukh Khan when he was a newcomer,[2][3] and Ashutosh Gowariker who subsequently directed movies such as Jodha-Akbar, Swades, Lagaan, & Baazi.[4]

Genre Drama
Created by Aziz Mirza
Directed by Aziz Mirza & Kundan Shah
Starring Shahrukh Khan
Sunil Shende
Rekha Sahay
Renuka Shahane
Sameer Khakhar
Ashutosh Gowariker
Composer(s) Kuldeep Singh
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 19
Producer(s) ROGOPAG Films
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 25 minutes
Original network DD National
Picture format SDTV: 480i
Original release 1989 (1989) – 1990 (1990)



Main CastEdit

  • Shahrukh Khan as Shekharan
  • Sunil Shendey as Babuji, Shekharan' Father
  • Sameer Khakhar as Chintamani
  • Rekha Sahay as Valsamma
  • Naeem Shah as Sultan
  • Amrut Patel as Professor Bowkar
  • Renuka Shahane as Maria
  • Satish Kaul as Aditya
  • Anita Sarin as Prabha
  • Dimple Hirji as Minaz
  • Naresh Suri as John Jonathan/Joe, Maria's Father
  • Haidar Ali as Subroto, Ringmaster
  • Somesh Agarwal as Gupta
  • Pavan Malhotra as Rasik
  • Ashutosh Gowariker as Vicky
  • Makrand Deshpande as Kanti
  • Neeraj Vohra as Changu
  • Sharad Bhagtani as Mangu
  • Sunil Advani
  • Bimal C. Panjuani
  • Ramish Amaan
  • Haneef Zahoor
  • Sudhir Kulkarni

Guest CastEdit

  • Rama Vij as Shyamli
  • Puja Bhatkal as Bulbul
  • Jaywant Bhende
  • Shobha Bhende
  • Athar Qureshi
  • Anand Mishra
  • Suresh Chatwal
  • Anant Mahadevan
  • Ajay Wadhavkar
  • Rajita Kochar
  • Kirti Sharma
  • Ajit Vachani
  • Harish Magan
  • G.P. Sindh
  • Prabha Sinha
  • Mushtaq Khan
  • Aabha Dhuliya


EpisodeTitleFeatured Character(s)Directed byWritten byCinematographer
1"Episode 1"Apollo CircusAziz MirzaV.K.SharmaRajesh Joshi
Singh, an animal seller, visits Apollo Circus and requests Babuji, who is the owner of the Circus, to purchase a Bear as it would be of great benefit for his Circus but Babuji refuses citing an ongoing financial crisis. Rao, the owner of Atlas Circus meets Babuji and offers to buy his Circus which infuriates Babuji as he has no intention of selling his Circus which he has been running for close to 25 years. In the evening Jonathan has a heated argument with Kanti and Vicky, fellow artists of the Circus, and Sultan has to interfere to cool things down. Kanti and Vicky are fed of Jonathan's regular habit of getting drunk and picking up fights with everyone and wonder why Babuji doesn't throw him out of the Circus, to which Sultan replies that Babuji would never do that because Jonathan has always been loyal to Apollo Circus and did not bother to join a new Circus despite being the best Trapeze artist of the country. Many years ago, Jonathan was one of the star artists of Apollo Circus but due to an accident he lost his leg and had to take an early retirement. Later in the day, Babuji receives a call from his son Shekharan who informs him that he will soon be returning to India. Out of sheer happiness Babuji decides to buy a new Bear from Singh for his Circus.
2"Episode 2"ShekharanAziz MirzaMakhan SinghBinod Pradhan
3"Episode 3"Shekharan & BabujiKundan ShahV.K.SharmaRajesh Joshi
4"Episode 4"Shekharan & BabujiAziz MirzaInayat AkhtarBinod Pradhan
5"Episode 5"ShekharanKundan ShahMohafiz HaiderRajesh Joshi
6"Episode 6"Aditya, Shyamli & SubrotoAziz MirzaPramod SharmaBinod Pradhan
7"Episode 7"Aditya, Shyamli, Subroto & BulbulAziz MirzaInayat AkhtarBinod Pradhan
8"Episode 8"Changu, Mangu & BowkarKundan ShahBharat KariaRajesh Joshi
9"Episode 9"PrabhaAziz MirzaHriday LaniVirendra Saini
Prabha's contract with Apollo Circus has come to an end and she's going back to her village to get married, but her departure gets delayed as her Uncle doesn't visit to take her on the day he had promised he would. A day later when Prabha finally goes away from the Circus with her Uncle, Valsamma narrates her story to Aditya and talks about how she too had returned home once from the Circus but had to come back after realizing that nothing much had changed in her house and the reasons that had forced her to join the Circus were still there. A week later, Prabha returns to Apollo Circus informing that her brother has lost his job and has joined a two year course after which he would get a new job, so for the time being she would like to re-join the Circus to manage her house.
10"Episode 10"TBAPushkar SinghMohafiz HaiderAjay Tandon
11"Episode 11"TBAAziz MirzaMakhan SinghVirendra Saini
12"Episode 12"TBAAziz MirzaMakhan SinghVirendra Saini
13"Episode 13"TBAAziz MirzaBharat KariaRajesh Joshi
14"Episode 14"TBAManoj LalwaniSushil DoshiAjay Tandon
15"Episode 15"TBAKundan ShahPramod SharmaRajesh Joshi
16"Episode 16"TBAPushkar Singh & Manoj LalwaniPramod SharmaAjay Tandon
17"Episode 17"TBAKundan ShahInayat AkhtarAjay Tandon
18"Episode 18"TBAAziz MirzaMukesh SharmaRajesh Joshi
19"Episode 19"TBAAziz MirzaV.K.SharmaRajesh Joshi


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